Stratus Channel Partner Program

Stratus Channel Partner Program

At Stratus, partner collaboration and support are critical to our growth and mutual success as we provide valuable zero-touch edge computing platforms to our customers that are simple, protected and autonomous. As such, our partner classifications and channel partner program enable us to be resilient to change and scale consistently across the globe.

Our partners are instrumental in driving awareness and adoption for Stratus product offerings within their customer base. Therefore, our programs are designed to be more partner focused and reward those partner organizations that see the mutual benefits of working together and collaborating directly with Stratus to drive success.

Channel Program Overview

Master Distributor

(in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong this will be known as a Platinum Distributor)

A Master Distributor is our top tier channel partner. A partner with this classification will be knowledgeable in all Stratus platform offerings and be able to provide additional Stratus related services such as training and full 24×7 support for critical issues, as well as product installations where they are Jumpstart certified. Master Distributors are trained to be a Service Provider and therefore will be present in countries where we either do not have a direct presence or our service facilities are limited. This classification ensures our mutual customers receive the same sales and service experience as they would if they were dealing directly with Stratus.

Premium Distributor

A Premium Distributor is a channel partner who will be knowledgeable in our platforms, and able to help customers select and buy the correct product for their compute needs, as well as to provide a 24×7 call dispatch/triage service to determine if assistance from a Service Provider is required, should your issue be related to a Stratus platform. Our Premium Distributors will manage the Stratus service agreements and make sure our customers get assistance when needed.


A Distributor represents Stratus sales in a defined Territory and can work with our customers to select and buy the correct Stratus product for their needs. A Distributor will also sell and manage the service agreement related to the purchased products, although they do not handle the support requests directly. Service and support will be handled by a designated Service Provider or Stratus.


Our resellers are an extension to the Stratus sales capability and represent Stratus sales in a Territory, or particular vertical market, where they have an understanding of the customer’s needs. As such, a Reseller is able to match the customer needs to the Stratus offerings and fulfil the customer purchase order. Stratus authorized Resellers will also sell the first year of Stratus Service, but the renewals will be handled by an approved Distributor or Stratus.

We believe this approach to the market, where our partners extend the reach of Stratus to meet the needs of our customers and partners, provides the best always-on experience.

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