Stratus VAR Program

Edge Excellence for OEMs, Machine Builders, and Solution Builders

Generate New Offerings and New Revenue at the Edge

Harness the power and reliability of purpose-built Edge Computing for your end users

Edge Computing is powering the next wave of digital transformation at the operational edge. Moreover, it represents a $15B market opportunity to help organizations unlock Industry 4.0, advanced analytics, and IoT capabilities.

Stratus provides OEMs, Machine Builders, and Solution Builders with the Edge Computing platforms, services, and cost structure to create differentiated, high-value customer offerings that deliver sustained success and profitability. The Stratus VAR Program is the fastest way for third parties to harness Edge Computing and scale new opportunities with customers.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Edge Computing

With the Stratus VAR program and access to Stratus platforms and services, you can ensure all your customer’s needs are met from the start and that your Edge Computing-enabled products and solutions perform as expected over the long term.

Predictable Pricing
Stratus Edge Computing platform pricing is structured to stay within your budget, and, once delivered, provides your customers with a reliable machine or solution, to increase the value of your brand. Deploy ztC Edge and ftServer.

Support and Services
Stratus offers training, certification, and accreditation services as well as platform support from Stratus’ global network of experienced systems engineers. Embedded Services are also available.

Powered by Stratus
Your products and solutions are promoted on the Stratus Partner Locator to promote your offering. In addition, you can use the “Powered by Stratus” badge to convey your offering is reliable, fault tolerant, and always available.

Flexible Options
The VAR program protects your Edge Computing platform investment through multiple participation levels, a variety of built-in features, and the ability to select options based on current and future needs.

Who Should Join the Stratus VAR Program

OEMs and Machine Builders

Use Edge Computing to enhance industry-specific solutions

Embed Stratus Edge Computing Platforms into existing or new products to build Industry 4.0-ready smart machines, equipment, and control schemes

Deliver at scale to end user markets



Combine Stratus Edge Computing platforms with other hardware and software to build unique, valuable customer solutions

Connect to higher-level computing, to the enterprise or cloud, while running business-critical applications at the operational edge


“Stratus is a visionary in meeting the needs of machine builders who need to develop new offerings for Industry 4.0 environments and IIoT technology. Stratus Edge Computing gives us the ability to bring our customers there. Stratus’ unique box of available technology – virtualization, redundancy, protection, security, customizable availability, and industrial interoperability – is a leap forward over traditional IPCs and server configurations,”

Michele Vario, OEM and Business Development Director, Wonderware Italia.

Edge Computing Gives Your Business the Edge

Build Edge-ready Smart Machines and Solutions

  • Run multiple applications on one device instead of multiple computers
  • Embed equipment and install solutions even in hazardous locations

Maintain Reliable, Low Maintenance Support

  • Run software in a single, easy-to-access location
  • Improve OEE by providing OT friendly predictive maintenance and remote access

Create Differentiated, Sought-after Offerings

  • Differentiate your offerings from the competition with Edge Computing
  • Meet customers’ digitalization requirements

Maximize Installations and Revenue Growth

  • Develop solutions that are easy to install and fast to set-up
  • Develop additional service revenue streams, increase subscription revenue, and improve customer intimacy

Satisfy Customers with Timely Innovations

  • Speed time to market with a single OT compute platform
  • Develop loyalty from satisfied customers

Solidify Expertise and Thought Leadership

  • Deliver secure Industry 4.0 and cloud-compatible solutions
  •  Deliver enterprise-ready Machine Learning, AI, AR/VR, and Thin Client solutions

Reduce Risk and Sustain Value with Stratus Embedded Services

Stratus Embedded Services are an integral component of the Stratus VAR Program to ensure support and success for customer deployments. With multiple service tiers and a la carte options, Stratus Embedded Services enable OEMs and Machine Builders to create new service offerings to support customers or generate recurring service revenue in tandem with deployment. Participation tiers include:

  • Standard for OEMs, Machine Builders, and Solution Builders that are leveraging Edge Computing to transform their offering, and
  • Premium for OEMs, Machine Builders, and Solution Builders with complex edge applications that require 24×7 support, design consultation, or backup for remote commissioning.


Excel at the Edge for Your End-Users

Join our growing list of satisfied customers and partners. Stratus offers zero touch Edge Computing platforms that simplify, protect, and automate digitally transforming business-critical operations.  For over four decades, we have protected our partners and customers from significant financial and reputational risk by securely and reliably delivering actionable information to applications on site, in the data center, and in the Cloud.