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Pharmaceutical manufacturers are tapping into the power of Edge Computing to transform operations and achieve Pharma 4.0 initiatives. In response to growing global demand, life sciences organizations and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs and CDMOs) are seeking to streamline operations to improve efficiencies, expand production, and deliver more end-to-end drug development and manufacturing services.

With reliable data integrity, increased productivity, predictive health capabilities, integration of operational systems with enterprise applications, and more, Edge Computing empowers pharma manufacturers to comply with stringent quality and regulatory requirements, achieve GMP manufacturing standards, and get to market faster.

Edge Computing Enables Continuous Improvement

in Operational Performance and Supports:

Data Integrity

Automate the collection, analysis, and reporting of critical production data, maintaining data integrity and ensuring compliance in validated environments.

Resilience and Reliability

Guarantee data and mission-critical applications are continuously available and protected with no unplanned downtime supporting batch and continuous manufacturing.


Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, such as U.S. FDA 21 CFR part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11, with resilient operations that ensure the integrity of data, and enable audit tracking and data portability.

Quality by Design

Support Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and QbD processes with continually available edge platforms that collect, analyze and store data, such as critical process parameters (CPP), in real-time.


Reduce exposure to security threats. Edge data is safely contained within the operating environment.


Gain insights from reliable, real-time edge data to reduce material waste, enhance product quality, avoid production losses, and improve safety.

IDC InfoBrief: Innovating Pharma at the Edge

“New data-driven manufacturing models are emerging to address the pharma industry’s need for greater operational efficiency, while driving innovation and ensuring compliance with fast-evolving regulatory requirements.”

This informative IDC InfoBrief displays how Edge Computing platforms are key technological enablers of IT-OT integration, helping pharma organizations achieve operational performance and innovation goals while maintaining high levels of quality and regulatory compliance.

IDC InfoBrief

IDC InfoBrief: Video Summary

Why Stratus: Key Benefits of Edge Computing

For leaders digitally transforming their operations to drive predictable, peak performance with minimal risk, Stratus ensures the continuous availability of business-critical applications by delivering Edge Computing platforms that are simple to deploy and maintain, protected from interruptions and threats, and autonomous, even in the most demanding environments.


  • Easy to deploy, manage, and support
  • Single system operation with the reliability of fully redundant architecture
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing systems and platforms


  • Ruggedized, industrial-grade physical protection
  • Embedded cybersecurity features
  • Supports regulatory requirements, such as U.S. FDA 21 CFR part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11.


  • Zero-touch remote management
  • Automatic failover ensuring the availability of critical applications
  • Predictive health management that predicts, detects, and self-corrects critical issues

Edge Computing Use Cases for Pharma

  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Supply chain management
  • Enhanced data security
  • Increased automation
  • Cost savings
  • Offline processing
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Ensure Operational Resilience with Stratus Edge Computing Platforms

Stratus ztC Edge™ is a secure, rugged, highly automated computing platform that improves productivity, increases operational efficiency, and reduces downtime risk at the edge of corporate networks.

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Stratus ztC Endurance™ is an innovative family of computing platforms that enable intelligent, predictive fault tolerance and 99.99999% compute platform availability.

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Stratus ftServer® is an operationally simple fault tolerant platform that keeps your applications running with no downtime or data loss.

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Stratus everRun® is a software solution that pairs two servers via virtualization to create protected and replicated VMs within a single operating environment, ensuring applications run without interruption or data loss.

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