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Together, Simplifying Edge Computing for the Connected Enterprise®

Stratus Partner Highlight: Rockwell Automation

Together, Stratus Technologies and Rockwell Automation deliver innovative control solutions that deploy quickly, are easily supported by OT personnel, and provide unmatched reliability.

Over our 14 year partnership, thousands of customers in the Rockwell Automation ecosystem have benefited from Stratus platforms that bring modern IT practices including virtualization, thin clients and resilient computing to the edge of industrial networks.

Stratus empowers Rockwell Automation distributors, Rockwell Automation System Integrators and VAR/OEMs to deliver complete, cost-effective digital transformation projects.

Featured Solution

The Rockwell Automation and Stratus PlantPAx Solution-in-a-Box

Rockwell Automation and Stratus PlantPAx Solution-in-a-Box is a process control architecture jointly developed for small to medium scale distributed control systems (DCS) that require 2,000 I/O’s.

The architecture is ideal for edge locations in F&B, Pharma, O&G, and Infrastructure for mission critical equipment and applications where downtime is unacceptable.

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What System Integrators & Stratus Customers Have to Say

about Stratus & Rockwell Automation

Watch Steve Andrews
(Video length 2:45)

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“We strongly recommend the Stratus solution …total cost of ownership was significantly reduced in measurable ways”

Watch Stefano Arondi
Automazioni Industriali Capitanio (AIC)
(Video length 3:57)

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“Our customers were asking us for an HMI solution that could be fast, simple, reliable, and with a long lifecycle. With Stratus, we could meet all these requirements.”

Watch John Glenski
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“They’ve got a solid solution that is going to last, is easy to maintain, and comes from trusted key partners (Rockwell Automation)”

Rockwell Automation Sizing Estimator

Download the Rockwell Automation Sizing Estimator.

PlantPAx Solution-in-a-Box

The Rockwell Automation and Stratus PlantPAx Solution-in-a-Box is a process control architecture jointly developed for small to medium scale distributed control systems (DCS) that require 2,000 I/O’s.

ztC Edge OPC Integration Setup Guide

A step-by-step guide on how to embed the Stratus ztC Edge node information into Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk View SE HMI via OPC Integration.

Rockwell Characterization Report: ztC Edge™ 250i

Results from Rockwell Automation tests validate that Stratus ztC Edge™ 250i – in fault tolerant mode – running Rockwell Automation® PlantPAx® meets performance requirements to be a viable industrial software and hardware solution suitable for customer deployment in medium-sized control environments.

ftServer Datasheet

A fully integrated continuously available platform that’s easy to deploy, manage, and service—from the enterprise to the edge.

Buckeye Partners Digital Transformation

Angel Matos with Buckeye Partners presents Digital Transformation of Terminal and Pipeline Operations presentation at a recent ROKLive event.

Featured Customer Success Story: Synthomer

The Synthomer Sant’Albano Stura production facility in Piedmont, Italy, replaced a disparate set of multi-branded PLCs with a Rockwell PlantPAx® DCS. This move drove a 30% increase in production — gaining the company millions of Euros of additional revenue. They achieved all of this without ever shutting down the plant.

The Stratus promise to Rockwell Automation customers

Stratus has taken a holistic view of continuous availability, preventing unplanned downtime like no other computing platform vendor in the industry with a high focus on operational simplicity and cost effectiveness.


Our Edge Computing platforms are easy to install, deploy and manage across applications and existing infrastructure as well as scale to new areas of operation.


We mitigate operational, financial and reputational risk by ensuring “always on” availability and securing data from cyber threats or data loss.


Our reliable, rugged, proven zero-touch technology runs in any environment without human monitoring, maintenance, repairs or support.

Here are innovative customers on the fast track to achieving Edge Computing excellence, with a little help from Stratus Technologies

Stratus helps protect Rockwell Automation solutions with simple, protected and autonomous Edge Computing platforms.

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