Stratus & Rockwell

Together, Simplifying Edge Computing for the Connected Enterprise.

Did you know?

Stratus has been a Rockwell Encompass partner for 10 + years
40+ Rockwell offices and distributor locations showcase PlantPAx on a Stratus ftServer
13 Rockwell Process Training Units (PTUs) have ftServer in their labs
Stratus is paired with Rockwell apps for SMB & Enterprise implementations around the globe

Featured Solution

Rockwell and Stratus Solution in a Box Edge Control

Rockwell Automation and Stratus “Solution in a Box” is a process control architecture jointly developed for small to medium scale distributed control systems (DCS) that require 2,000 I/O’s.

The architecture is ideal for edge locations in F&B, Pharma, O&G, and Infrastructure for mission critical equipment and applications where downtime is unacceptable.

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Stratus and Rockwell Automation

Partner to protect your business critical software apps from downtime due to hardware failures

(Video Time: 2:15)

Stratus ztC edge, Rockwell Automation & The Connected Enterprise

See Frank Hill at the 2019 Rockwell Automation Fair speak about Stratus ztC Edge and how it simplifies edge computing for the Connected Enterprise.

(Video Time: 2:47)

Stratus ztC Edge Characterization Report by ThinManager

Delivering the benefits of virtualization and thin clients to the very edge of the network.

Rockwell Automation & Stratus brochure

Bringing High Availability & Fault Tolerant Solutions to Rockwell Automation Customers.

ftServer datasheet

A fully integrated continuously available platform that’s easy to deploy, manage, and service.

ztC Edge datasheet

Zero touch computing for your critical edge ICS.

Gurmat Electric Case Study

Rockwell Automation performs complete digital network migration at Turkey’s largest geothermal power plant.

What System Integrators & Stratus Customers Have to Say

about Stratus & Rockwell Automation

Watch Steve Andrews
(Video length 2:45)

“We strongly recommend the Stratus solution …total cost of ownership was significantly reduced in measurable ways”

Watch Steve Adams
Columbia Pipeline
(Video length 3:20)

“If I had to give 3 words to describe our Stratus experience it would be Reliability, Configurability and Sustainability

Watch Dan Malyszko
(Video length 2:32)

“The biggest thing that Stratus has done for our customers, truly has been peace of mind. They have met and exceeded my expectations”

Watch John Glenski
(Video length 2:50)

“They’ve got a solid solution that is going to last, is easy to maintain, and comes from trusted key partners (Rockwell)”

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