Stratus System Integrator Program

Certification and Accreditation for Excellence at the Edge

Sharpen Your Technology Expertise for the Edge

Deploy zero-touch Edge Computing to enable unmatched reliability and resilience for your end users while reducing service and support costs for your business.

Edge Computing is a fundamental Industry 4.0 technology that delivers high value and fast payback.

Through the Stratus Global System Integrator Program, system integrators gain the training, certification, accreditation, systems, and support to develop automation and control solutions using Edge Computing technology. This enables SI’s to implement scalable solutions that are easy to deploy and highly profitable.

Join the Stratus SI Program to become a system integrator with the proficiency and expertise to deliver scalable and resilient Edge Computing solutions that differentiate your capabilities for end users.

The Time is Now for SIs Who Master the Edge

Edge Computing is projected to become a $15B market over the next few years – a huge opportunity for system integrators with the right expertise.

Less than


of organizations have the expertise of how and when to deploy Edge Computing

CFE Media/Stratus Edge Computing Trend Report

More than


of manufacturers look to strategic partners to operationalize solutions

Deloitte and MAPI, 2020

Why Join the Stratus System Integrator Program

Organizations worldwide across all types of manufacturing, logistics, utilities, infrastructure, finance and capital markets rely on Stratus ztC™ Edge and Stratus ftServer® Edge Computing platforms to run their mission critical applications and processes with no downtime.

The Stratus SI Program is built around building confidence, capability, and productivity to create scalable Edge Computing offerings for end users.

The Stratus SI Program is built around building confidence, capability, and productivity to create scalable Edge Computing offerings for end users.

We ensure that our products and services drive partner and customer value and loyalty.

We become trusted advisors and partners to our partners and customers and consistently receive feedback that we deliver outcomes that exceed expectations.

Performance Tested Solutions with Stratus’ Global Technology Partners

Through our global technology partnerships, we performance test and characterize our Edge Computing platforms to run industrial software from the world’s leading providers.

We jointly develop prevalidated architectures and edge automation solutions that reduce engineering time and accelerate deployment for SIs with the following companies:

Support and Services for Sustained Customer Success

Stratus offers comprehensive support and services tailored for SIs to sustain the success of Edge Computing deployments and to create value add support/service offerings for end users. These post deployment options provide a range of services to ensure end user systems operate at peak performance. Support and service offerings include:

  • Advance parts exchange

  • Software updates and upgrades

  • Alert triage

  • Predictive failure analysis

  • 24/7/365 web and phone support

  • Root cause problem determination

  • 24/7/365 remote health monitoring

  • System log file review

  • Media retention

Level Up with Stratus SI Partnership Tiers

The Stratus SI Program includes three levels of partnership. Upon enrollment to the program, system integrators will be provided access to the Stratus Partner Portal to enable training. Our partner training provides both sales and technical certification tracks, all of which result in the issuance of a digital credential using the Credly badging system, so that certifications can be shared and tracked.

Stratus Registered Level

Upon meeting the minimum requirements, system integrators gain:

  • Full access to the Stratus Partner Portal
  • Basic listing in the Stratus Partner Locator
  • Use of the relevant Stratus logo and website banners
  • Discounted “Not for Resale”’ units via an Authorized Channel Partner

Stratus Certified Level

Registered SI’s with two (2) trained and certified Pre-Sales Solution Architects, at least two (2) project implementations using Stratus platforms, and two case studies or references gain:

  • Enhanced profile listing in the Partner Locator
  • Previews of the Stratus product roadmap and beta testing
  • Early access to sponsorship opportunities at Stratus events
  • Ability to install Stratus platforms using Stratus’ Jumpstart installation methodology upon training at least two (2) Certified Implementation Specialists

Stratus Endorsed Level

The leading Stratus Certified SIs will be invited to the Endorsed tier based on established success with Stratus and a regional Channel Partner, as well as providing a minimum of four (4) approved project implementations and documented case studies.

In addition to previous level benefits, Stratus Endorsed SIs receive:

  • Joint opportunity pursuits
  • Executive sponsorship
  • Priority access to participate in Stratus marketing campaigns
  • Co-marketing opportunities as and when available

The Complete List of Benefits for Each Tier is Available in the SI Program Guide

How are System Integrators using Stratus Edge Computing Platforms?

System Integrators who execute projects across multiple industries are transforming their customers digital transformation journey with Edge solutions that are scalable and operationally resilient.

Find out how through these customer success stories or by downloading the Stratus SI Compendium – a series of case studies showcasing how Sis leverage Edge Computing to bring dependable, scalable, highly trusted and profitable solutions to their clients.

SI Case Study Compendium

Join the Stratus System Integrator Program

To participate in the Stratus SI Program, companies are required to apply via the Stratus Partner Portal. There are no paper agreements that are required to be signed, however, once the application has been approved, the Partner Portal Terms of Use need to be accepted.