Stratus and AVEVA

Providing Reliable, High Performing Operations from Edge to Enterprise

Together, we deliver solutions that make the journey towards digitalization seamless for end-users

The AVEVA software that operates your manufacturing plants and facilities is only as good as the platform it runs on. Whether you’re running a machine or piece of equipment, managing a production line or a plant, monitoring multiple locations from a control room, providing KPIs to a command center, or sending data to the Cloud or Enterprise, Stratus is the partner of choice for zero-touch Edge computing because we provide platforms that protect and enhance your AVEVA software.

Does it run your critical production lines where the stakes are high, and the cost of downtime is astronomical?
Is it embedded into machines your customers use in mission critical processes?
Does it collect thousands of datapoints using communication drivers, stored into historians, and utilized in applications that manage MES, performance and OEE?
Is it installed in Unified Operations Centers providing KPIs in System of System applications that your management team uses to make key financial and business decisions?

If any of these apply to your AVEVA software solutions, Stratus can help you simplify, protect and automate your digitally transforming business-critical operations.

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Built on a 10-year Strategic Relationship

For more than ten years, Stratus and AVEVA have offered the perfect combination of hardware and software platforms for customers going through digital transformation journeys. Stratus platforms have supported approximately 500 deployments of AVEVA software in the past 5 years. Today, the two companies are working together to bring AVEVA’s Edge to Enterprise initiative and the benefits of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), advanced analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), to its customers worldwide.

As a Technology partner, Stratus enables AVEVA to create solutions that:

Eliminate process silos by making common information available and leveraging processes,
Digitalize and automate work processes for greater efficiency and quality,
Provide insight, analysis and decision support to enable the right actions for business outcomes,
Enable greater visibility into every aspect of operations and asset management.

Dr. Jarrett Campbell of AVEVA Discusses AVEVA and Stratus Partnering for Secure Infrastructure

What value does Stratus add to AVEVA solutions?

For 40 years, Stratus has protected customer installations from significant financial and reputational risk by securely and reliably delivering information from the edge to applications in the cloud and the data center. Now, we are extending these key strengths to AVEVA Solutions, whether they are on a machine, production line, the plant floor, in a control room, or running KPIs in a UOC.

Your AVEVA software-based solutions should be easy to use as well as powerful, dependable, and extremely flexible. Stratus’ platforms make solutions based on AVEVA software perform more reliably throughout its lifetime, whether they are deployed at the Edge, in the Enterprise, or anywhere in between.

A Single Partner from Edge to Enterprise

This simplicity, protection, and autonomy is born out of the inherent features and capabilities of our products and solutions.

Stratus’ ztC Edge is a rugged, secure, industrial computing platform that protects and delivers your AVEVA InTouch Edge, AVEVA InTouch HMI and AVEVA Plant SCADA applications quickly, reliably, and efficiently in distributed, under-resourced locations of your plant or facility.
Stratus’ ftServer®, a continuously available failure prevention platform, has been supporting AVEVA customers in control rooms, command centers and UOCs — helping these companies maximize revenue, quality and productivity.
Stratus’ everRun is a highly versatile, yet affordable continuously available software solution, that quickly and easily protects the virtualized workloads and data of your AVEVA applications that are already installed in existing server hardware.

Seamless integration with your favorite AVEVA Software: AVEVA InTouch HMI, AVEVA Plant SCADA, AVEVA System Platform, Historian, InBatch, eDNA, MES, Intelligence, Performance, OASys, Aquis

Benefits for AVEVA customers using Stratus platforms

Stratus offers seamless integration with existing AVEVA solutions, bringing added security, simplicity and peace of mind to joint customers, while eliminating the threat of unplanned downtime and financial and reputational risk.


Ease of Management – Deploying AVEVA software on Stratus platforms is as easy as installing an image of your application. If you have multiple instances in various locations of your plant, or are deploying in multiple locations and sites, there is no better platform to deploy on.

Faster commissioning time – Once your AVEVA InTouch HMI, AVEVA System Platform, Historian, or MES applications are complete, tested and ready to run, it’s just a matter of installing on the Stratus platform. FATs and SATs are completed faster than you would using Industrial Computers or Servers.


Integrated virtualization and redundancy – The virtualization and redundancy capabilities of Stratus platforms are all pre-integrated and configured out of the box. There is no package hardware pairing or clustering to specially cable together or configure.

Industrial Grade – For AVEVA software installed at the Edge, the Stratus ztC Edge computing platform uses a fan-less design that can be wall or DIN rail mounted inside control panel, rated at -40 to 60 deg C, 10 to 95 % humidity, with 5-500 Hz vibration.


Greater Visibility – With monitoring of SSD, application and guest OS, OPC UA Support, you can embed all these Edge Computing diagnostics into your AVEVA InTouch HMI or AVEVA System Platform applications seamlessly.

System health and support – 24×7 health monitoring, set thresholds and receive alerts, log review, predictive failure analysis, and automatic update and patch management, all of which enhances the total reliability of your solution.

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Stratus and AVEVA share the same customers and partners

AVEVA shares many common customers and Ecosystem Partners with Stratus in various industries worldwide. If you are an AVEVA customer, distributor, System Integrator, VAR/OEM or Technology Partner and have no relationship with Stratus, then it’s time to get in touch with us.

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Many AVEVA Distributors are also Stratus Distributors with similar platforms, applications, and infrastructure.

If you are a Wonderware Distributor and want to increase your revenue stream by selling Stratus solutions, please talk to your local partner, wherever in the world you’re located.

System Integrator

Many SIs know the value Stratus Edge Computing platform brings into an application running AVEVA Software.

If you are an AVEVA SI looking to deepen your relationship with Stratus and want to sign up as a certified or endorsed System Integrator, please get in touch with your local Stratus sales representative.


AVEVA OEMs and Machine Builders who sell into highly regulated industries or develop products that are installed into processes that cannot afford any downtime, rely on Stratus Computing platforms.

If you are an AVEVA Machine Builder, ISV, VAR, or OEM looking for a reliable acomputing platform, contact your nearest Stratus sales representative and find out how to become an official OEM.

Smart City: The Mont Blanc Tunnel

Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps, rising to over fifteen thousand feet above sea level. Beneath Mont Blanc is the Mont Blanc Tunnel, linking France to Italy via the E25 highway. It is a strategic roadway and a major trade route, especially for Italy, which uses it to transport 1/3 of its freight to Northern Europe. In 2018, a total of 1,956,179 vehicles crossed through the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

There are over 200,000 points in the solution, based on AVEVA System Platform and Stratus Technologies everRun, it is the first SCADA system in the world to achieve EN 61508-standard SIL (Safety Integrity Level) 2. The Unified Operations Center monitors and controls the entire 7.2-mile tunnel. It can automatically react when there are tunnel fires by creating a vortex of currents strong enough to suffocate the flames. It is an elegant solution that not only works but is fully redundant.

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Where are you in your AVEVA Edge to Enterprise journey?

The AVEVA Edge to Enterprise approach creates a single line of sight, monitoring and control strategy that integrates individual silos in manufacturing plants and facilities – which were previously inaccessible or separated from each other – and connects them to the Enterprise.
This includes combining solutions on the Edge (that is, control systems located near or at the asset location or line area) to the processes of the entire plant. In some cases, this involves the integration of multiple plant locations, or multi-sites, overseeing from a central command center, Universal Operations Center (UOC), or cloud facility for visualization and management of the enterprise.

A single version of the truth

Edge to Enterprise solutions provide an “at-a-glance” understanding of information, which combines monitoring and control, and next-level real-time decision making, analytics, optimization, and even Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategies. In addition, it helps validate and protect the information coming from multiple sources to create a “Single Version of the Truth”.
The beauty of Edge to Enterprise is that you don’t have to implement it all in one step. The scalability of both AVEVA software and Stratus Computing platforms make this possible.
Stratus Technologies provide the computing infrastructure to ensure that when AVEVA customers implement an Edge to Enterprise solution, it will operate and function without disruption, failure or unplanned downtime whether at the Edge, in the data center or elsewhere.

How is Stratus Technologies relevant to the AVEVA Cloud and SaaS Strategy?

Information is currency. It enables organizations to make correct business decisions. It makes them change or modify plans in anticipation of market or production changes. It provides insights on facts that were previously hidden. With the new AI solutions, it predicts what is going to happen in the future so you can perform anticipatory activities to minimize risk and maximize opportunities.
AVEVA Connect pulls in massive amounts of data coming from the monitoring, control and historian nodes that are installed in the multi-sites, individual plants, lines, equipment, machines, and assets on the Edge.

AVEVA Connect is its primary cloud solution. It is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering that lets customers get a unified view across operational and information value cycles from the Edge to the Enterprise. It enables users to view critical operational information, and at the same time, share the data with the rest of the organization, trusted partners and suppliers. Anytime and anywhere, users see the same information, and this makes collaboration easier.

The Stratus ztC Edge running AVEVA Edge is a reliable component of Edge-to-Enterprise Solutions. Download the Stratus-AVEVA solution brief and find out.

[Solution Brief] Stratus and AVEVA

Latency, Bandwidth, Low Cost and Security

When you’re pulling in massive amounts of data points from assets, machines, equipment, and lines on the Edge into the Enterprise or Cloud, you need to be aware of latency and bandwidth problems that could arise, especially if the volume of data is large and the speed of communications is an issue.

AVEVA customers choose to install Edge Computing platforms at the Edge where it is on or near the production and operation area, to solve these latency and bandwidth challenges when connectivity to the Cloud is needed but may not always be practical.

A Stratus ztC Edge computing platform can easily run AVEVA InTouch HMI, AVEVA Edge, AVEVA Plant SCADA and AVEVA System Platform. Combined with the AVEVA Historian, installed in the same ztC Edge platform, is a powerful yet local, edge-based data collection and storage solution.

With the capabilities of AVEVA Historian to store-and-forward information, and the inherent virtualization, and redundancy features of the ztC Edge, customers have a reliable, secure and latency free configuration that will enable customers to easily push massive amounts of data into the Cloud.

“The edge is capable of handling latency, criticality and proximity issues with granularity and precision that cloud computing just can’t offer.”
John Vicente, CTO at Stratus Technologies

Water Wastewater: Pinellas County

Pinellas County (FL) Utilities delivers 71 million gallons of clean water and treats 30 million gallons of wastewater daily for one million year-round residents and 4.2 million visitors to St. Petersburg and the county’s 23 other communities. To do that, it manages 2,000 miles of pipe, 13 well fields, five surface water sources, three wastewater treatment facilities and 350 lift stations. Stratus protects the AVEVA Solution that operates the water and wastewater facilities at Pinellas County.

Information collection is only as good as the Edge Computing solution it’s running on

To really have an effective information collection architecture from Edge, Enterprise and to Cloud, your data needs to be protected and it must be continuous –there should be no disruption in the flow of information because of component or communications failure.

You can have the best cloud infrastructure in the world, but it is worthless if it can’t get the information it needs. Stratus – simple, protected, autonomous Edge Computing platforms make sure that the collection of information from assets, machines, lines, plants, and multi-sites to the Enterprise and Cloud is uninterrupted.

The Stratus Edge Computing Platform, in particular the ftServer, ensures 5 Nines Uptime (99.999%) of System Availability – this means our platforms protect the data from the Edge that goes to the AVEVA cloud, 99.99999% of the time.

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