Stratus® ztC Endurance

Intelligent, predictive fault-tolerant computing

The Evolution of Fault Tolerance

Confidently run complex software stacks with Stratus ztC Endurance’s
breakthrough 99.99999% availability

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The Stratus® ztC Endurance platform enables IT and OT to run critical applications without downtime or data loss, using intelligent, predictive fault tolerance.

Using ztC Endurance enables digital transformation of computing infrastructure to modernize operations and deploy advanced software stacks, ensuring application availability and data integrity at the edge or data center. The platform combines built-in fault tolerance, proactive health monitoring, and serviceability by OT or IT, along with meeting cybersecurity requirements.

Engineered for Next-Generation, Sustainable Operations

Computing performance, serviceability, and manageability without compromise for existing – and future – needs

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    Predictive Fault Tolerance

    Intelligent, predictive fault tolerance via the Stratus Automated Uptime Layer with Smart Exchange™ tracks and targets a wide range of failure points and automatically takes corrective actions before they impact operations.

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    Protection Against Data Loss and Downtime

    Seven nines (99.99999%) system availability delivers continuous availability, ensuring data integrity and protecting against loss of in-flight application data.

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    Simplified Management

    A single system image underpinned by built-in redundancy that is transparent to operating systems and applications, and is simple to manage. Remote monitoring capabilities and management APIs enable easy support using your existing IT tools and systems.

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    Highly Serviceable

    Redundant, modular architecture engineered for serviceability. Features four (4) pairs of customer replaceable units (CRUs) – compute, I/O, power supply unit, and storage – that are hot-swappable by OT or IT staff without specialized expertise or tools.

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    Blazing Fast Performance

    The latest technology – from 4th generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to high speed NVMe drives, fast Gen 4 PCIe I/O, and resilient, high-performance DDR5 memory — delivers blazing fast performance on top of the industry’s best fault tolerance.

Stratus ztC Endurance Features

Stratus’ proven combination of built-in fault tolerance, proactive health monitoring, and serviceability by OT or IT enables innovation – and peace of mind

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    Automated Uptime Layer with Smart Exchange™

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    Modular design with redundant CRU modules

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    Industry standard components

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    Proactive health monitoring

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    Manageable and serviceable by OT and IT

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    Workload consolidation

The Stratus ztC Endurance Family of Intelligent Fault Tolerant Platforms

Affordable performance for stable, fixed standalone applications in remote offices, branch offices, or shop floor locations.

  • 1 x 4th gen Intel® Xeon® Silver processor,
    12 cores
  • Up to 256 GB DDR5 RDIMMS
  • Up to 38.4 TB native NVMe storage

Versatility and flexibility for rapidly growing or evolving applications in regional offices, remote plants, or regional data centers.

  • 2 x 4th gen Intel® Xeon® Silver processors,
    24 total cores
  • Up to 512 GB DDR5 RDIMMS
  • Up to 38.4 TB native NVMe storage

High performance for high volume data- or transaction-intensive applications in large remote plants or corporate data centers.

  • 2 x 4th gen Intel® Xeon® Gold processors,
    48 total cores
  • Up to 1024 GB DDR5 RDIMMS
  • Up to 38.4 TB native NVMe storage

Stratus Services for ztC Endurance

Stratus Services deliver a complete availability solution and provide OT and IT teams the support you need to focus on their success. To support peak performance without system downtime, Stratus offers proactive service plans that match your service and availability requirements.

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