Peace of Mind for Building Automation Systems that Must Not Fail

The demand for more efficient buildings to control costs and the drive for buildings to become increasingly environmentally friendly has placed the focus on building automation systems. The result is that individual systems themselves are becoming more sophisticated. Additionally, there is a growing requirement to integrate heating, cooling, lighting, alarm and, increasingly, access control systems to maximize overall efficiency. As the control of these systems becomes more closely integrated, the more critical they become. This is driving a greater need for continuous availability with no downtime. Even short periods of downtime when building automation systems are offline can lead to disruption and overall business loss much greater than the period of downtime itself.

As a property manager, facilities manager, or maintenance supervisor, responsible for building automation and related systems, you understand the pressure that comes with ensuring 24x7x365 operation. Platforms which provide continuous availability are becoming an absolute requirement. With tight budgets, it is essential to ensure that continuous availability solutions require no application modifications to applications and integrate seamlessly with existing control systems. They must also use off-the-shelf hardware and software systems, increase the flexibility of your options for future enhancements, and provide you with automatic monitoring and diagnosis, so you can get ahead of potential problems before they occur. And let’s not forget instant access to experts to address your concerns.

Stratus has a strong track-record of delivering continuous availability solutions that are cost-competitive, simple to install and use off-the-shelf hardware and that run all your applications without any modifications.

As a systems integrator, installer, HVAC specialist or an application provider, you want to make sure your customers have a robust solution that will keep operating under all circumstances. Projects range from relatively straightforward to highly complex and multi-dimensional. Where integrated building automation systems are deemed increasingly critical, ensuring they never fail can add extra dimensions of complexity and cost with resulting increases in support requirements. This can impact both the ability to win business in competitive environments and reduce overall profitability due to unforeseen maintenance complexities. Delivering a simple, cost effective solution that ensures continuous availability can be an important part of an optimized overall solution.

Stratus has a continuous availability solution that is cost-competitive, simple to install, uses off-the-shelf hardware and runs all your applications without any modifications. This can make the difference between winning a project or delivering an implementation on time and on budget.

As a consultant, you play a critical role advising your clients on how best to implement building automation systems and in many cases you will produce documentation to enable projects to be put out to bid. When your clients’ requirements call for 24x7x365 operation, the right specifications to ensure continuous availability becomes a small, but critical, part of the solution.

We have created this section of our website specifically to assist consultants in understanding what continuous availability means, as well as the key requirements and best practice for an effective solution.

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The Stratus Approach

Straus is the proven choice for leading companies such as Tyco Integrated Security, Johnson Controls and Rapiscan Systems. Our cost effective solutions deliver continuous availability without the complexity of other solutions, with the ability to monitor and manage the various systems to deliver fully connected building automation systems.

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