For organizations in need of failure prevention, Stratus takes the complexity out of keeping business critical applications always running for a wide range of industries across the globe. Backed by a support structure with an over 35-year track record of success, companies turn to Stratus for it’s simple, cost effective downtime prevention for life sciences.

Stratus solutions for life sciences

Life sciences manufacturing companies rely on consistency and automation to meet strict regulations and rigid operational standards.  Any small amount of unplanned system downtime can result in a decline in product quality and brand reliability.  Stratus prevents system failure with operationally simple continuous availability solutions designed to keep pharmaceuticals, medical technology and biotechnology manufacturing operations running smoothly and always on.

Stratus solutions for manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, your bottom line depends on your ability to keep your plant infrastructure up and running at all times. Downtime in SCADA, HMI, Historians and other critical Industrial Automation systems can mean lower yields, lost revenue, regulatory fines, compromised quality, or a damaged reputation. To maximize productivity and quality you need operationally simple continuous availability and continuous visibility. Stratus provides failure prevention solutions that are integrated with performance monitoring and virtualization that are ideal for manufacturing plants.

Stratus solutions for power

Power plants are under constant pressure to increase efficiency, reliability, and safety.  This also includes consumer pressure to produce power quickly and cost effectively.  Aging systems and resources are increasing the possibility of system failure.  Not only can unplanned downtime result in decreased efficiency – it can have a devastating effect on environmental and public safety.  Knowing that this is an outcome that no one can afford, Stratus provides cost effective continuous availability solutions that proactively prevent failure of systems and are ideal for the efficiencies that the power industry demands today.

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