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Convert Midstream Challenges into Opportunities with Digitalization

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The Midstream Segment is responsible for continuous, safe, reliable, and compliant operations even while addressing demand pressures, environmental concerns, theft and cybersecurity threats. Your digitalization strategy should effectively serve this goal. A well-executed digitalization strategy significantly improves Midstream Segment business performance in terms of asset reliability, operational efficiency, security, product quality and work safety.

Stratus improves reliability and availability of the Midstream Segment infrastructure by offering simple, protected, autonomous Edge Computing platforms that advance operational efficiencies and ensure continuous access to data across any environment.

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Benefits of Digitalization

Integrate silos and orphaned assets, using data to collect information from edge to enterprise and the cloud.
Gain visibility and insight along the entire operations to make quicker business decisions and respond to market dynamics.
Integrate OT and IT so that assets are managed properly.

From a two time finalist for product innovation in Oil & Gas

Customer Success Story: ftServer Ensures System Uptime at Columbia Pipeline Group

Columbia Pipeline Group relies on Stratus to help ensure the availability of their infrastructure that transports natural gas to a wide variety of industries. These include hospitals, manufacturing, as well as households. There is an ftServer  at each compressor station (every 50-100 miles) to provide the HMI capability for the operators. This allows them to do their job and keep the facility running due to overall system uptime.

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What are the Midstream Challenges?

Scalability, Extensibility and Standardization

Continuous Availability

Safety and Security

Asset Integrity and Resource Management

Aging Infrastructure

Unplanned Downtime

Buckeye Partners Digital Transformation

Angel Matos with Buckeye Partners presents Digital Transformation of Terminal and Pipeline Operations presentation at a recent ROKLive event. Buckeye’s Digital transformation objectives were to increase operational efficiency with ease of deployment and management of new applications. With frequent PC failures from environmental issues, Buckeye turned to Stratus to help with their TOPTECH Systems, TMS6 software which is focused on inventory control and Ticketing.

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Edge Computing Platforms for the Oil & Gas Industry

Digitalization means using new digital technology such as improvements in SCADA, HMI, Edge Computing, Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence to increase revenue and find value-producing opportunities. Improved reliability and reduced downtime depend on the platform that deploys these applications. This is where Stratus excels and can help.

The Benefits of Stratus to the Midstream Segment


Ease of Management – Deploying your solutions on Stratus platforms is as easy as installing an image of your application, especially if you have multiple instances. No field IT support is required on site – this is important especially if the physical locations of your solution are in harsh and remote areas.
Faster Commissioning time – Once your Midstream applications are complete, tested and ready to run, you can easily and quickly install the Stratus Edge Computing platform within your environment. FATs and SATs can be completed faster using Stratus platforms than if you used typical industrial computers or servers.


Industrial Grade and Intrinsically Safe – Midstream solutions installed at the Edge are in remote and austere locations. You will need a dependable platform that will not fail. Stratus ztC Edge uses a compact fan-less configuration that can be wall or DIN rail mounted, rated at –40 to 60 deg C, 10 to 95% humidity, with 5-500 Hz vibration. Shock: 50G, 11 ms (IEC 60068-2-27), Class I Division 2 (CID2) certified.
Enhanced Security – A big concern is cyber security and theft of intellectual property. Stratus uses a host-based firewall to blacklist or whitelist, restricts USB ports to help prevent the spread of malware.


Greater Visibility – With monitoring of SSD, application and guest OS, OPC UA Support, you can embed all these diagnostics into your applications seamlessly.
System Health and Support – Monitor health 24×7, set thresholds and receive alerts, review logs, run predictive failure analysis, and automatically update and manage patches — all of which enhances the total reliability of your solution.
Remote Management & Service – Stratus provides a cost effective and efficient management of assets in the Midstream Segment, from multi-node to multi-site installation. Stratus platforms create an inventory of all Stratus assets, detects all platforms and determines status, health, configuration, and content of each node. The autonomous monitoring environment identifies and releases software patches and updates, backs-up and restores individual machines, and predicts failure and recovery.

Leveraging Edge Computing Platforms in Midstream Oil & Gas

A well-executed solution significantly improves Midstream business performance in terms of asset reliability, operational efficiency, security, product quality, and work safety.

Deploy Edge Computing to Accelerate Digital Transformation

The newest Edge Computing platforms bring Midstream operators the ability to effectively acquire real-time data at the industrial edge to monitor performance and gain real-time insight.

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Ensure Operational Resilience with Stratus Edge Computing Platforms

Stratus ztC Edge™ is a secure, rugged, highly automated computing platform that improves productivity, increases operational efficiency, and reduces downtime risk at the edge of corporate networks.

Stratus ztC Endurance™ is an innovative family of computing platforms that enable intelligent, predictive fault tolerance and 99.99999% compute platform availability.

Stratus ftServer® is an operationally simple fault tolerant platform that keeps your applications running with no downtime or data loss.

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