Stratus Partner Highlight: GE Digital

As companies transform their technology infrastructure to leverage advances in in big data analytics, mobility, data visualization, and cloud computing for a new wave of productivity gains and performance optimization, it is critical for IA applications and IIoT data connections to be secure and continuously available – without any possibility for the loss of data or operation.  That’s where the GE Digital and Stratus relationship plays an important role.

Stratus Technologies paired with GE Digital is the best combined server solution and Industrial Automation (IA) application for simply transforming to a continuously available and secure digital enterprise.

Stratus delivers continuous availability for GE Digital’s Proficy iFix, Proficy Cimplicity, Proficy Historian, Plant Applications from GE Digital and other critical plant applications. GE’s innovative Predix cloud-based IIoT analytics solution needs absolutely reliable information streams from the edge systems feeding it, and Stratus delivers that reliability.

The Stratus Promise to GE Digital and its customers:

Continuous Availability

99.999% continuous application availability without loss of data in flight

Cost Effective

Standards based platform and software deployable from the datacenter to the edge, manageable by non-IT staff

Operationally Simple

Prevention of downtime secures reputation, lowers cost and guarantees data integrity and compliance

Stratus has taken a holistic view of continuous availability, preventing unplanned downtime like no other platform vendor in the industry with a high focus on operational simplicity and cost effectiveness.

True redundancy translates into a greater level of reliability and ensures uninterrupted operation of the GE-IP applications. Flawless operation and consistent performance are critical aspects to new business development, just as they are in day-to-day operations and customer satisfaction. In both contexts, I count on Stratus to help carry the day in an always-on world.

Royce MonteverdiCEO, Robotic Parking System