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Supercharge Your Inductive Automation Rollout With Resilient Edge Computing Platforms From Stratus Technologies

Stratus Partner Highlight: Inductive Automation

Inductive Automation creates industrial software that empowers its customers to swiftly turn great ideas into reality by removing all technological and economic obstacles. The role of Stratus Technologies is to make sure that all the applications created by Ignition software are operationally resilient and protected from unplanned downtime.

Seamless integration of Stratus Edge Computing platforms with your favorite Ignition software:

SCADA | IIoT | MES | HMI | Alarms | Reporting | Enterprise | Mobile

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Stratus On-Board

The inherent redundancy and virtualization of the Stratus® ztC™ Edge and Stratus® ftServer® platforms makes integration to Ignition easy and pain free as you scale from one to multi-site installations.

ztC Edge

The Stratus ztC Edge is a rugged and secure industrial computing platform that protects and delivers your Inductive applications quickly, reliably, and efficiently in distributed, under-resourced locations of your plant or facility.


The Stratus ftServer system, a continuously available failure-prevention platform, supports Inductive customers in control rooms and command centers—helping these companies maximize revenue, quality, and productivity.

The Ignition software solutions installed in Stratus Edge Computing platforms perform more reliably throughout their lifetime, whether they are deployed at the Edge, in the control room, or for enterprise.

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The Stratus Promise to Inductive Automation Customers

Stratus has taken a holistic view of continuous availability, preventing unplanned downtime like no other computing platform vendor in the industry with a high focus on operational simplicity and cost effectiveness.


Our Edge Computing platforms are easy to install, deploy and manage across applications and existing infrastructure as well as scale to new areas of operation.


We mitigate operational, financial and reputational risk by ensuring “always on” availability and securing data from cyber threats or data loss.


Our reliable, rugged, proven zero-touch technology runs in any environment without human monitoring, maintenance, repairs or support.

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Whether you are a manufacturer, facility owner, System Integrator, or Machine Builder, Stratus’ Edge Computing platforms ensure that the Ignition applications installed in your assets, machines, lines, plants, and enterprises are resilient and protected from unplanned downtime.

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