Stratus “Lend a Hand” Services program

Service and platform offers during COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the global pandemic, we anticipate our global customers and partners may need Stratus’ help to get through this challenging time– particularly in those industries deemed essential. In response to these needs, Stratus is “lending a hand” by offering a new set of support and service offerings focused on:

  • Platforms: Reliable computing platforms to simplify, protect and automate business-critical operations.
  • Service: Higher levels of service at no additional cost.
  • Remote Updates: Computing platforms protected, monitored and supported.
  • Education: Gain greater confidence in your ability to operate under new conditions.

We’re your trusted partner.

Please contact us or your Stratus account manager to find out what Stratus can do for you during this time.

ftServer® Zero Downtime Guarantee

Stratus will guarantee the uptime of our ftServer platform within 6 months of deployment date or pay $50,000 USD.
When failure is not an option – and keeping business operations running when minimal hands-on support is essential.

Available for ftServer 6900 and 4900 platforms

ztC™ Edge Remote Monitoring & White Glove Service

Stratus is now offering remote system monitoring and “white glove” set up service of all new ztC Edge 110i platforms.

Available for ztC Edge 110i single or dual nodes customers

ftServer® Premium Support

Stratus is providing 30-minute response on all critical issues, including root cause analysis, to all ftServer service customers.

Available for active support contracts with Extended Platform Support or Platform Support SLAs.

ftServer® AUL/BIOS/BMC Upgrades

Maximize the value of your Stratus services contract. Take advantage of the latest AUL, BMC, and BIOs releases.

Requires active Stratus Service Agreement

Stratus® ftServer® Always-On Professional Certification

Stratus is offering discounted high-availability, Five 9s Professional Certification.

When working remotely, you may have time for personal development. We are offering our customers and partners access to the Stratus ftServer Always-On Professional Certification online program for only $899.00 and the opportunity to validate your technical expertise on the continuously available Stratus ftServer platform.

Complete and submit registration form or contact us at 800-634-2122 or email at

These special offers will be available until 31 8月 2020.

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