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Press Releases

February 3, 2020
ARC Industry Forum to Showcase Stratus Edge Computing Use Cases
Buckeye Partners and Power Resources International offer insight into Digital Transformations at the Edge.

January 14, 2020
Europe-Wide Survey highlights both progress and barriers to Smart Factory deployment
Tuesday 14th January 2020, London, UK – A Europe-wide survey of over 200 manufacturers with more than 500 employees shows that deployment of Smart Factory initiatives is currently running at around 63% and is set to grow rapidly over the next five years. The remaining 37% identify as being in the “planning stage”.

Stratus In the News

February 21, 2020
What and Where is Edge Computing
In this Control article, John Vicente, Chief Technology Officer at Stratus, highlights the various definitions of edge and provides his perspective on what the edge is and where it lays.

February 18, 2020
What kind of redundancy: Mirrored server or edge devices?
In this Plant Engineering article, Jason Andersen, Vice President of Business Line Management, and Stephen Greene, Vice President of Global Marketing, explain the similarities and differences in control system architectures, and why two high-availability opportunities for control system designers are a mirrored server and twin edge devices. The article also hosts a short video where Andersen shares three tips about edge and server-based industrial computing.

February 8, 2020
Interview with John Fryer, Stratus, at the ARC Industry Forum Feb 3 2020
In this video, John Fryer, Senior Director, Industry Solutions at Stratus, discusses Stratus’ fault tolerant capabilities and how edge computing is helping customers like Buckeye Partners.

January 22, 2020
More Expert Perspective On Digital Transformation in 2020
In this Smart Industry article, Jason Andersen, Vice President of Business Line Management at Stratus, shared his 2020 predictions for the industrial automation industry, including increasing collaboration between IT and OT teams and increased network security at the edge.

January 16, 2020
Edge Computing Supports Cape Cod Water Infrastructure
In this Pumps & Systems article, John Fryer, Senior Director of Industry Solutions at Stratus, shares how the town of Falmouth, Massachusetts, was able cut filtration and treatment costs while boosting operational efficiency with edge computing.