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Press Releases

April 20, 2022
Stratus Wins Rockwell Automation’s Inaugural PartnerNetwork Ecosystem Award for Innovative Solution Development
Horizon Solutions combines Stratus ztC™ Edge, Rockwell Automation’s FactoryTalk® View and Historian, and Ocean Data System’s Dream Report™ to deliver business intelligence for industrial customers.

April 7, 2022
Stratus Customers Earn 2022 Manufacturing Leadership Awards for Digitalization Projects
Rubberlite, Inc. and Synthomer deploy simple, protected, autonomous Edge Computing platforms as a foundation for Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence.

Stratus In the News

Industrial edge use, outlook for 2022 and beyond: Expert interview series, Jason Andersen
Control Engineering
April 22, 2022
Jason Andersen, Vice President of Strategy, Stratus, discusses the latest industrial edge trends for 2022.

Case Study: Expanding edge capabilities for end users
Smart Industry
April 18, 2022
Tim Shope, Vice President of Operations and Technology at Avid Solutions, discusses using Stratus ztC Edge platform to create distributed architectures that provide optimal performance for its business performance.

Stratus recognizes two customers with 2022 Manufacturing Leadership Awards
Control Design
April 8, 2022
Stratus Technologies recognized two of its customers, Jessica Spurlock, for a project with Rubberlite, Inc., and Synthomer, as winners in the Manufacturing Leadership Awards 2022, in the Individual Digital Transformation Leadership and Operational Excellence categories, respectively.

How long will the supply-chain disruption last?
Control Design
April 7, 2022
Aric Prost, Senior Global Director OEM, Stratus Technologies, comments on the future of the supply chain disruption in the manufacturing industry and discusses how Stratus is managing forecasting and inventory management.

Jack of all brands, or master of one?
Control Design
March 21, 2022
Aric Prost, Senior Global Director OEM, Stratus Technologies, comments on whether it is better for your automation distributor to have expertise with a single supplier or are if you are better off turning to a distributor that is vendor-agnostic.

Improving Operations with Edge Computing Platforms
March 21, 2022
Jeff Geiger, Director of Sales and Marketing, Taurus Controls, discusses improving operations with edge computing platforms and the support Stratus has been able to provide with the rackmount ftServer and the panel-mount ztC Edge platforms.

The Edge is the “Last Mile” for Digital Transformation
iTechnology Series
March 14, 2022
Jason Andersen, Vice President of Strategy, Stratus, discusses leveraging edge computing to successfully achieve digital transformation.

Zero-touch, secure and highly automated edge computing platform
Control Engineering
February 20, 2022
In this contributed piece, DoShik Wood, director, global product marketing and communications, Stratus, discusses the value of edge computing, enabling Industry 4.0 opportunities, digital transformation and cloud connections, highlighting Stratus’ ztC Edge solution, a Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Award product.

2022: Three Ways Edge Computing Will Play a Role
Industry Today
February 4, 2022
In this contributed piece, Jason Andersen, VP of Strategy and Product Management, Stratus, shares his predictions for the role edge computing will play in the manufacturing industry in 2022.

The challenges and benefits of edge computing – Episode 144
SD Times – What the Dev?
February 1, 2022
Jason Andersen, Vice President of Strategy, Stratus, discusses the challenges and benefits of edge computing and IoT as one of the early players in edge computing in an episode of What the Dev hosted by David Rubinstein.

The Smart Industry 2022 Crystal Ball Report
Smart Industry
January 28, 2022
Jason Andersen, VP of Strategy and Product Management, Stratus, shares his industry predictions for 2022 in Smart Industry’s Crystal Ball Report.

Stratus Fault Tolerant Solutions (P88)
The Automation Blog Podcast
January 26, 2022
Jason Andersen, VP of Strategy and Product Management, Stratus, sits down with Shawn Tierney, host of The Automation Blog Podcast, to discuss how Stratus is helping companies digitally transform at the edge.

Push validation protocols to the edge of your mind
Manufacturing Chemist
February 21, 2022
Greg Hookings uses the power of Edge Computing to navigate the complex and regulation heavy industry of life sciences. Delving into the four levels of validation and how manufacturers can ease the stress of protocols through this technology deployment.

Achieving the goal of high availability
Control Engineering Europe
February 21, 2022
Find out how Stratus’ Edge Computing solution has enabled a powder processing equipment producer enhance visibility of operations and improve business continuity.

Systems Integrators play an important role in Edge Computing innovation
Engineering Update
February 21, 2022
As the enablers of innovation, systems integrators have the opportunity to improve their offering by adding Edge Computing, acting as the ambassador of digital transformation.

How DC Water architected Stratus Edge Computing platforms to provide double redundancy and reduce system failover time by 90%
Process and Control Today
February 21, 2022
The scope and scale of the mission have led to a massive infrastructure that pumps more than 99 million gallons of water to 681,000 residents through a web of 1,350 miles of pipes, four pumping stations, five reservoirs, three tanks, 43,000 valves, and 9,500 fire hydrants.

Innovation is essential if the food and drink sector is going to keep up with global change
Process Engineering
February 2, 2022
Why automation and process control is now the reality in Food and Beverage including why Dogfish Head Craft Brewery selected Stratus and ProLeiT.

Information where it is needed
Panel Building & System Integration
January 26, 2022
Greg Hookings looks at the challenging world of energy use in the process sectors, showing why stranded assets don’t often lead to efficient operations.

Data Management at the Edge for Midstream Oil & Gas
Engineering Update
January 25, 2022
With the asset often located remotely in Midstream operations, Edge Computing provides the solution to closing the distance gap and allowing operations to continue without dedicated onsite staff.

Edge Computing for System Integrators: three lessons from Covid-19
Panel Building & System Integration
January 5, 2022
As the world takes tentative steps towards emerging on the other side of the global pandemic crisis that will define an era, it’s a very good time for system integrators to take stock and consider how to build back better.

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February 25, 2022
“Kowakai”, which supports regional medical care in Corona, introduces Stratus Technologies’ non-stop server “ftServer®” in the new medical business system.
-A medical business system that does not stop the field strongly supports high-quality medical care and operational efficiency-