Medical Corporation Foundation Kowakai Migita Hospital deploys Stratus Technologies’ always-on server “ftServer®” to support medical care

A medical business system strongly supports high-quality medical care and operational efficiency

Stratus Technologies Japan (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshitake Matsumoto), a Japanese subsidiary of Stratus Technologies (Headquarters: Maynard, Massachusetts, USA; President and CEO: David C. Lorello, hereinafter referred to as “Stratas”), a global leader in simplified, protected, autonomous Edge Computing platforms, today announced its “always-on” server “Stratus ftServer” was chosen as a new medical business system at “Medical Corporation Foundation Kowakai Migita Hospital” (Address: Hachioji City, Tokyo, Chairman: Atsuyuki Umeda, hereinafter “Kowakai Migita Hospital”), which is engaged in medical activities as one of the institutions. It was adopted and announced that it has continued stable operation from the production operation in July 2020 to today.

At Kowakai Migita Hospital, the high-end model “ftServer 6900” and fault tolerant storage “ftScalable” will be used as the foundation of the new medical system due to the relocation and expansion of the medical examination department “Migita Clinic”. They have adopted a total of five business systems, including a medical examination system, a return reception/examination display server, and a business file server, on a virtual server. The new medical system works seamlessly with the existing system of Migita Hospital to realize centralized management of medical information.

Kowakai Migita Hospital commented that they will continue to actively work on IT systems that are becoming more important in the medical field, such as utilizing PHR (Personal Health Record), and they will contribute to the provision of high-quality medical care and fulfill its responsibilities as a priority medical institution that supports the efficiency of medical operations and regional medical care, which are tight due to the corona disaster by using “ftServer” that does not stop 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

A medical business system that supports medical corporations that contribute to regional medical care as a secondary emergency institution designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Kowakai Migita Hospital, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019, is a hospital that has been supporting regional medical care in Hachioji City for many years with the philosophy of “community home hospital”. With the expansion of the relocation of “Migita Clinic” (July 2020), which was established as a medical examination department (2008), we have introduced a health examination system and will launch a new medical business system.

At that time, Migita Clinic expanded the insurance medical care department and the medical examination department and realized network cooperation with the existing system operating at Migita Hospital as a medical facility that promotes regional contribution in preventive medical care, and electronic medical records and health. They were studying system construction with the system requirement that both systems of diagnosis be seamlessly accessible from one client PC, and the standardization of patient IDs and the centralized management of medical records and medical examination result information as important requirements.

Considering a system that does not stop the medical field, continuous availability that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and reduction of operation and maintenance burden

The following factors are the reasons why Stratus’ always-on server, “ftServer” was adopted for the new medical business system of “Kowakai Migita Hospital”.

1) Continuous availability to reduce downtime

“ftServer” is a fault tolerant server system with all components fully duplicated by Stratus’s unique fault-tolerant architecture. In the unlikely event of a hardware failure, the system will continue to operate. We have achieved continuous availability, which is indispensable for medical institutions that cannot stop medical services.

2) Total cost

The stable operation of the system reduces the operational load on IT personnel such as troubleshooting, allowing them to concentrate on their original work. Therefore, in addition to visible costs such as operation and maintenance costs, costs including human resources can be reduced.

3) 24×365 Support

Stratus provides a complete maintenance service to remotely monitor the system components of “ftServer” 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Proactive response to detect and respond to signs before an actual hardware failure occurs, avoiding unexpected downtime and maximizing continuous availability.

4) Hi-performance, Large storage capacity

As medical DX becomes more and more important in the future, “ftServer” has features such as high specs that can support future system expansion and support for large-capacity storage.

* Reference image: “Medical corporation foundation Kowakai Migita Hospital” system configuration diagram::

Provide 24×365 availability – ftServer series

Stratus “ftServer” series is an always-on server system that realizes continuous availability by fully duplicating hardware components. Even in the unexpected event of a hardware failure, the system will continue to operate without affecting the OS or applications. System components are remotely monitored 24/7, with proactive support to detect and respond to signs of failure, avoiding unexpected downtime and maximizing continuous availability.

Benefit and Features

  • Avoid system outages to the utmost, ensuring continuous availability and data security
  • Monitoring service detects potential problems and proactively addresses them
  • Prevents downtime itself, rather than recovering from downtime
  • Ease of use and simple configuration reduce operation management man-hours
  • Lineup to meet diverse business needs

Comment from “Medical corporation foundation Kowakai”

“In small and medium-sized medical institutions, the work of IT personnel is diverse and the roles they have to play are extremely large. In order to make the best use of their human resources, we chose the non-stop “ftServer.” I think the significance of doing this is great. In the future, IT systems will become even more important in the medical field. Our hospital will continue to actively develop, but we believe that ftServer will be one of the important options in the future, said Mr. Akinori Kikuchi, General Manager of Corporate Headquarters, Director, Medical corporation foundation Kowakai.

About Stratus

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