Stratus’ Focus on Edge Computing Innovation Nets Industry Recognition and Market Adoption

Demonstrates market demand for simple, protected, autonomous Edge Computing, essential for digital transformation initiatives

MAYNARD, Mass. — May 24, 2022 — Stratus Technologies, a global leader in simplified, protected, and autonomous Edge Computing, today announced several business achievements demonstrating the momentum of its edge business and the demand for simple, protected, autonomous Edge Computing as a foundation for digitalization and Industry 4.0 technologies. The company experienced double digit growth of demand for its Edge platforms; surpassed more than 2,000 ztC™ Edge units sold, including the release of its 2nd generation ztC Edge platform in December; and received industry recognition for edge innovation and pre-validated solutions that combine Stratus platforms with industry-leading industrial software.

“The current edge market has a number of rigorous requirements, including the need to provide a rugged and durable platform that provides high availability and continuous uptime, the ability to be monitored and controlled by both a local and remote workforce, and the capability to gather and process data without latency,” said Craig Resnick, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group. “Stratus’ ztC Edge addresses these rigorous requirements while also leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the platform’s analytical capabilities. This combination has helped ztC Edge achieve great success since its introduction, with sales increasing at a rate well above overall market growth according to ARC Advisory Group market data, proving that Stratus’ edge platforms are helping industrial organizations accelerate their digital transformation journey.”

“With ztC Edge and ftServer, we have a balance of platforms to enable digital transformation at the edge – whether it is to deploy compute capability to remote oilfield equipment, to run a digital factory, or to optimize an office building,” said David Laurello, President and CEO of Stratus. “Edge Computing delivers digital transformation by modernizing compute infrastructure backed by unmatched reliability. For that reason, we see strong demand across numerous industries with high risk, high volume and/or highly decentralized computing needs. Our rugged, secure, and automated compute platforms ensure critical applications run efficiently and reliably, letting our customers focus on their business rather than managing infrastructure.”

Edge Innovation and Award-Winning Outcomes

Stratus released its 2nd Generation ztC™ Edge platform in December, which enables improved flexibility and performance at the edge for customers. Since its introduction, ztC Edge has received significant industry recognition this year. The company earned an Honorable Mention from Control Engineering’s 2022 Engineers’ Choice Awards for its ftServer®, a fully integrated, continuously available hardware and software solution, and its ztC Edge Computing platform. The company was also named the winner of Rockwell Automation’s inaugural PartnerNetwork Ecosystem Award for its inclusion in Horizon Solutions’ Business Intelligence in a Box solution. Stratus’ customers Rubberlite, Inc. and Synthomer were each named winners of the Manufacturing Leadership Awards 2022 for their digital transformation at the edge, powered by Stratus’ Edge Computing solutions.

Turnkey Edge Architectures for Fast Deployment and Scale

Stratus works closely with partners to deliver validated architectures that save engineering time, enable rapid deployment, and simplify OT and IT management. The solutions meet key requirements in industries such as Oil & Gas, Pharma manufacturing, and others. Combined software and hardware architectures include:

  • Rockwell Automation PlantPAX Solution-in-a-Box: A jointly tested process control architecture running on ztC Edge to simplify the deployment of small to medium scale distributed control systems (DCS) that require 5,000 I/O’s or less at edge locations.
  • Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Micro Data Center with ftServer: Combines fault tolerance, virtualization, smart uninterrupted power, and physical protection, engineered for edge environments. Ideal for Systems Integrators, these pre-validated architectures deliver 40% savings in field engineering time and 20% faster time-to-deploy.

Fast Payback and ROI with Stratus ztC Edge

In a study by Nucleus Research, the average ROI from a Stratus ztC Edge deployment was 237% over three years, with a short 7.6 month payback period. Additionally, the average annual total cost of ownership (TCO) is $10,812 and customers reported that anywhere between 8-15 hours a month were saved on system maintenance.

To develop this ROI Guidebook, Nucleus Research spoke with Stratus customers in many industries at different places in their digital transformation journey. Click here to learn more about customer profiles and outcomes.

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