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Press Releases

November 6, 2023
Stratus Showcases Proven Edge Computing Platforms at Automation Fair 2023
Company will Introduce Stratus ztC Endurance platform, spotlight Conperio’s PLEX MES with Stratus ftServer solution, and join
“Modernizing Data Collection for Improved Decision Making” panel

November 1, 2023
Stratus Unveils Evolutionary Fault Tolerance with ztC Endurance Family of Intelligent, Predictive Computing Platforms
Stratus’ new ztC Endurance platform is the culmination of Stratus’ 42 years of innovation in fault tolerance

April 12, 2023
Stratus Introduces its Most Powerful ftServer Platforms for Ensuring Availability of Mission-Critical Applications and Connecting Data from Edge to Core to Cloud
Stratus’ latest ftServer delivers 25% increase in performance and unmatched combination of computing power, reliability, and serviceability

March 30, 2023
Daido Rubber Selects Stratus’ ztC® Edge Computing Platform to Innovate Digital Manufacturing
The Stratus ztC Edge platform delivers proven operational performance and efficiencies

February 6, 2023
Stratus® to Showcase Edge Computing Platforms and Customer Success at the ARC Industry Leadership Forum
Stratus and customer Streamline Innovations to present emission-reducing Oil & Gas solution running AI-powered predictive maintenance and remote operation on Stratus ztC® Edge platform

Stratus In the News

New Family of Fault-tolerant Computing Platforms Delivers Seven Nines Availability
Control Automation
November 15, 2023
Control Automation writes about how Stratus ztC EnduranceTM is the most reliable computing platforms on the market. With seven nines availability, the fault-tolerant computing platforms are designed to manage any issues that arise, from small power bumps to missed communication handshakes, without a system crash.

Stratus Unveils ztC Endurance Family of Intelligent, Predictive Compute Platforms
November 13, 2023 met with us at Automation Fair 2023 and learned about the new Stratus ztC EnduranceTM platform that provides intelligent, predictive fault tolerance, delivering seven nines (99.99999%) availability and performance gains through latest generation technology components, including 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable chips.

Stratus Unveils Predictive Fault Tolerance
ARC Advisory Group
November 1, 2023
Industry analyst, Craig Resnick, discussed Stratus’ newest zero-touch computing platform, Stratus ztC EnduranceTM, is designed on a combination of built-in software and hardware, proactive health monitoring, and serviceability to run mission-critical applications to prevent downtime or data loss.

Intelligent, predictive fault-tolerant computing platforms launched
Control Engineering
November 1, 2023
Control Engineering covered Stratus’ new ztC EnduranceTM platform for intelligent predictive fault-tolerant computing a game-changer for reliability and performance.

Stratus Releases Easy-to-Use, Predictive Fault Tolerance Platform with Seven Nines Availability
Database Applications & Trends
November 1, 2023
Database Trends & Applications spoke with our VP of products and solutions to learn more about how our newest product, Stratus ztC EnduranceTM, is unlocking a new approach to fault tolerance.

Stratus launches new zero-touch computing platforms to combat downtime
November 1, 2023
Our newest product, Stratus ztC EnduranceTM, was covered by EdgeIR as they detail how our newest platform is based on the analysis of over 100 million hours of computing runtime across thousands of customers to deliver a fault-tolerant solution that eliminates compromises in performance, cost, serviceability, and manageability.

Stratus Offering Predictive Fault Tolerant Computing Platforms for Sustainable Operations
Machine Design
November 1, 2023
Machine Design Magazine provides an in-depth understanding of how Stratus Technologies is paving the way for the next era of industrial innovation with Stratus ztC EnduranceTM by ensuring uninterrupted and efficient industrial processes, optimizing performance, and enhancing reliability in the ever-evolving landscape of Industrial IoT

Stratus unveils fault tolerance in new family of computing platforms
Smart Industry
November 1, 2023
For manufacturers, data analysis is at the heart of streamlining operations, and Smart Industry covers the advantages of edge computing and how it’s revolutionizing the manufacturing industry with the launch of Stratus ztC EnduranceTM.

Stratus Technologies release latest version of ftServer edge systems
Network World
April 12, 2023
Network World highlights Stratus’ latest release of ftServer and Dave McCarthy, IDC Vice President and Edge Computing analyst, offers his thoughts on how our latest ftServer makes it much easier for businesses to remotely manage systems running on edge servers by maximizing uptime.

Stratus Unveils Next Generation of ftServer Fault Tolerant Computing Platforms
Control Automation
April 12, 2023
Control Automation highlights Stratus Technologies’ fastest, most reliable generation of ftServer yet, with more processing power and better reliability for use in managing automation systems in manufacturing.

Benefits of Embracing Edge Computing for CIOs
CIO Influence
April 10, 2023
Stephen Greene, Vice President, Global Business Development, Marketing & Communications, breaks down how CIOs are embracing Edge Computing as part of their digital transformation strategies and the benefits that come along with using the technology.

Jack of all brands, or master of one?
Control Design
March 21, 2023
Aric Prost, Senior Global Director OEM, Stratus Technologies, comments on whether it is better for your automation distributor to have expertise with a single supplier or are if you are better off turning to a distributor that is vendor-agnostic.

Talking Industrial Automation Podcast
Control Systems Integrator Association (CSIA)
March 15, 2023
Tune in to listen to Lisa Richter of CSIA interview Mike Bradshaw, Senior Director, Global Channels and Partner Ecosystem for Stratus Technologies, as they discuss the Stratus System Integrator Program and how he has completely revamped its partner ecosystem and the programs that support it, providing greater benefits to the partners, while driving double digit growth for Stratus.

Improving Operations with Edge Computing Platforms
March 21, 2022
Jeff Geiger, Director of Sales and Marketing, Taurus Controls, discusses improving operations with edge computing platforms and the support Stratus has been able to provide with the rackmount ftServer and the panel-mount ztC Edge platforms.

The Edge is the “Last Mile” for Digital Transformation
iTechnology Series
March 14, 2022
Jason Andersen, Vice President of Strategy, Stratus, discusses leveraging edge computing to successfully achieve digital transformation.

How long will the supply-chain disruption last?
Control Design
February 28, 2023
This article includes commentary from Aric Prost discussing the supply chain shortages and how they have placed additional emphasis on forecasting and inventory management for all.

Components band together, march forward out of the cabinet
Control Design
February 09, 2023
Jason Andersen discusses the uptick in integrated motor-drive combinations that can eliminate panels on simpler systems mentioning it won’t happen as quicky as we thought due to data ownership and governance issues that may come along with a machine-mounted computer.

Three Trends That Will Shift The Edge-Computing Industry
Smart Industry
February 07, 2023
This article by Jason Andersen, discusses three trends that the edge-computing industry is currently experiencing which include the need for more capacity, an increase in data storage and an IT trickle-down effect.

Stratus to Showcase Edge Computing Platforms and Customer Success at the ARC Industry Leadership Forum
February 07, 2023
The article lifts from the first part of the release, discussing Stratus’ participation in ARC Industry Leadership Forum. It includes Stephen’s quote, how Stratus customers are achieving tangible benefits with Edge Computing as well as Dr. Peter Photos’ quote on how Streamline is leveraging the Stratus ztC Edge platform.

Innovative New Controls at PACK EXPO International
Packaging World
January 28, 2023
At PACK EXPO International back in October, we showcased three difference sizes of the EcoStruxure MDC along with Schneider Electric, to highlight the MDC’s application flexibility in a range of CPG operations.

System integration, edge computing tips for automation
Control Engineering
January 23, 2023
Mike Bradshaw, our senior director of global channels and partner ecosystem, and Sam Chumbley, vice president of business development, Flexware Innovation Inc., recently participated in a webcast sharing advice on Edge Computing, and how to implement how to implement edge-computing-based automation across multiple locations, with benefits for system integrators and their customers.

Edge Adoption is Growing Across Industries—Here’s Why
January 04, 2023
As companies look to streamline operations and create efficiencies while tightening overall costs, Edge Computing will take off in several growth segments. Our Vice President, Strategy and Business Line Management, Jason Andersen, highlights the four segments of the future: Edge operations technology, OT workloads, Edge IT server devices for Edge adoption and mission-critical applications.

2022 Breakthrough Products Awards winners
Processing Magazine
January 03, 2023
Our second generation ztC Edge was named one of this year’s Processing’s annual Breakthrough Products Award winners under the Edge Computing platform category. These awards honor innovative technology solutions that made significant contributions to improvements in the process industries within the past year.

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