Preserving Business Data in the Face of Disaster

If you’re running applications that are critical to your business operations then you have essential data and system information that must be preserved and readily accessible in the face of disaster.  While traditional backup solutions may be satisfactory for non-critical business applications, they are insufficient for real-time transaction-based operations, virtualized environments and in small or mid-sized operations running critical applications.

We offer a range of disaster recovery solutions for your most critical operations – with recovery from global to localized disasters  – allowing you to:

  • Perform real-time mirroring between the production system and a back-up site
  • Maintain the performance of the primary production system, keeping the backup system transparent to users
  • Ensure the remote database is identical to the primary database at all times
  • Maintain transaction processing with no interruptions during security upgrades
  • Provide hands-free operation 24/7/365
  • Leverage virtualization technologies to automate disaster recovery and reduce costs