Stratus and Alleantia Become Partners

With Stratus Edge Computing solutions, Alleantia’s Industrial IoT Plug&Play is now also available in Fault Tolerant and High Availability configuration

Milan – 5 October 2020 —Alleantia, a leading provider for the Industrial Internet of Things, enriches its IIoT offering by integrating Stratus’s fault-tolerant and high-availability hardware platform ztC Edge into its certified hardware portfolio to help its customers acquire and analyze critical information and data, within Edge environments, even in the most extreme situations.

Stratus Technologies‘ ztC Edge platform, a global leader in simplified, secure and autonomous Edge Computing solutions, offers edge – to enterprise – to cloud integration and advanced visualization tools, along with continuous access to advanced applications and powerful analytics tools.

“Alleantia is proud to be able to offer its customers an Industrial IoT Fault Tolerant solution through the Stratus ztC Edge platform,” said Stefano Linari, CEO & President of Alleantia. “Our proposal, thanks to the contribution of these cutting-edge technologies, creates simple, reliable Industrial IoT solutions, suitable for any operational situation. Stratus allows us to respond to customers who are facing the path of digital transformation, even for the most stringent requests, helping to achieve extraordinary results “.

The validated and tested compatibility of Stratus platforms will allow Alleantia to provide highly reliable solutions for industrial environments from manufacturing to naval, food, automotive, chemical and energy – to exploit all the capabilities offered and the advantages of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Stratus ztC Edge is, in fact, a reliable, secure platform, with virtualization included; requires no intervention, protects and helps automate critical applications quickly, reliably and efficiently in distributed and resource-limited locations.

“In collaboration with Alleantia, we offer solutions to support Edge to Enterprise to Cloud digitization”, says Giacomo Ghidini, Country Manager of Stratus Italy “ensuring the continuous execution of software applications, without any data loss, with significant advantages for continuity of business”

Alleantia: the first IOT Integration platform

Founded in 2011, Alleantia is internationally known for its plug & play software solutions applied to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

Alleantia’s IoT plug & play technology is the beating heart of the digital transformation of every industrial business. Conceived and built to offer simplicity, scalability, reliability and speed of implementation, Alleantia allows each company to achieve maximum efficiency, thanks to a complete convergence between OT and IT, a wide ecosystem of certified partners (application developers, system integrators, cloud platforms) and works in partnership with the main global players in the IT world.

A platform that allows complete IoT integration with a plug & play connection of any industrial device or production line, machine tool, industrial plant, with any on-premise or in-cloud IT infrastructure (e.g. Azure from Microsoft or AWS from Amazon), a integrated management of ‘Enterprise-grade’ software, remote installation and updating of Alleantia software, a proprietary library with 5000 ready-to-use drivers, capable of offering high performance in data acquisition and in their management, interpretation and distribution, IT security, with technical support and experience recognized in Italy and abroad.

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About Stratus Technologies

Stratus eliminates the complexity of unplanned downtime, regardless of business environment and industry. Together with our ever-expanding network of partners and distributors, we serve every type of company, in all sectors, from those in the Fortune 500 to small and medium-sized businesses. We enable them to securely pass information to applications at Edge, cloud and data center so that they can turn this data into actionable information; all this while minimizing operational, financial and reputational risk. We combine operations and IT to harness the potential of digital transformation, enabling our customers to improve the quality of life of people and large communities. We have been protecting these business-critical environments for nearly 40 years. For more information, visit or follow @StratusAlwaysOn on Twitter and LinkedIn @StratusTechnologies

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