It is no secret that applications and machines are increasingly becoming more interconnected, enabling the exchange of business-critical data. So, what does this mean for the Industrial Automation industry, where much of this data is generated at ‘the edge’ and away from traditional IT resources? When it comes to IIoT – is now the time to focus on the edge? ARC Advisory Group released a market report regarding the recent excitement around IIoT, asking this question and more.

Their research uncovered the top three needs driving organizations’ plans to deploy systems and connectivity at the edge:

  1. Analyze and control devices
  2. Reduce data security risks
  3. Improve process speed/reduce latency issues

Download our latest infographic on the findings from ARC Advisory Group’s latest market report, Is now time to really focus on the Edge? to learn how the industry is embracing edge computing and future-proofing their businesses.

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