ztC™ Advisor

Comprehensive edge systems management

Master the Edge from Anywhere

ztC Advisor delivers comprehensive edge systems management and sustained value for your entire ztC Edge computing architecture.

Stratus ztC Advisor, Edge Computing architecture

As teams scale deployment of Edge Computing for smart manufacturing, smart infrastructure, and smart machines, ztC Advisor provides OT and IT teams as well as VARs with simple and secure, web-based access to manage the health and performance of multiple ztC Edge platforms from any location.

As automation continues to accelerate at the edge, remote systems management combined with zero-touch Edge Computing is an essential combination for productivity, business continuity and long-term success.

What Customers Say About ztC Advisor

“With a clean, user-friendly dashboard, ztC Advisor helps us efficiently monitor and manage our growing multi-ztC Edge environment”
Andreas Linn, Support Manager, Nonstop Technologies GmbH

“Because it’s so easy to set up and use, ztC Advisors helps admins of all backgrounds become productive quickly”
Hans-Jürgen Rux, Consultant/Analyst, DIVENTUS GmbH

“With an intuitive interface, ztC Advisor is very easy to use – for admins of all backgrounds”
David Edwards, Cybersecurity Systems Engineer, Velta Technology

Benefits of ztC Advisor

ztC Advisor enables teams to optimize their full ztC Edge computing infrastructure for:

Improved productivity

Efficiently manage your entire ztC Edge platform inventory

Faster time to value

Gets started quickly, with minimal set up and training

Risk mitigation

Triage issues faster, prevent them from becoming more serious problems

Key Features

ztC Advisor offers comprehensive, at-a-glance views for system health, software versions, and utilization to improve performance and triage issues. Features include:

  • A comprehensive asset management overview of all ztC Edge platforms that you own, including systems that have been deployed but have not been provisioned. Holistically maximize resource utilization and optimize platform refresh schedules.

  • A centralized dashboard view of individual system status and resource utilization presented in real-time, so you can easily see platform status at-a-glance.

  • User-defined groups to assign individual systems and use the ztC Advisor dashboard’s built-in sorting and filtering functions to quickly access information from specific platforms.

  • Secure-push technology between ztC Advisor and ztC Edge. The web-based solution is architected so that ztC Edge platforms initiate sessions and periodically push information to ztC Advisor which minimizes cyber-security risk by limiting data transfer.

  • Integration with Stratus Service Portal and ztC Edge platforms, allowing customers with portal access to use their existing credentials to access ztC Advisor. One-click enablement from the ztC Edge Console automatically sets up the corresponding ztC Edge platform to be visible and present data through ztC Advisor, minimizing setup and configuration time.

  • Partner mode provides System Integrators and VARs, both Machine Builders and Solution Builders, with the ability to monitor and maintain ztC Edge platforms deployed for customers when enabled by end user permission.

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Existing Customers

ztC Advisor is available for existing customers and is compatible with ztC Edge platforms running SRL 2.2 or higher.