everRun Versions

everRun comes in two versions – everRun Enterprise and everRun Express. Choose the version that best matches your needs.

everRun Enterprise software supports both highly-available and fault-tolerant workloads. It’s ideal for those enterprises that need to protect their virtualized business-critical applications and data, have extremely low tolerance for unplanned downtime, and want the flexibility to choose their level of protection for each virtual machine.

everRun Express software supports highly available workloads, and is well-suited for more cost-conscious businesses that can withstand brief periods of downtime and some potential data loss, while their virtualized applications are being restored after a component or server failure.

everRun Express everRun Enterprise
Supported availability types High-availability High-availability and fault-tolerance
Checkpointing scope Data written to disk Data written to disk, in-memory data, CPU states
Availability level 99.99% (4 nines) 99.999% (5 nines)
Recovery time Depends on application, typically under 10 minutes Under 5 seconds