Maximize TPS performance and availability

Specifically designed to power ftServer V Series servers, OpenVOS is a POSIX compliant operating system that fully exposes the unique RAS capabilities of Stratus fault-tolerant hardware, and provides a robust, scalable, and reliable platform for high-volume transaction processing.

VOS features and benefits

Stratus technologies Operationally Simple
Open development environment:

Support for open, industry standard development tools and frameworks like gcc, g++, gdb, bash, git, cmake, and Python, speed application development and shorten time to value

Stratus technologies Operationally Simple
Enterprise file system:

Supports both record-oriented and stream-oriented file organizations, with file sizes up to 500 GB and multiple indexes per file

Stratus technologies Operationally Simple
Efficient communication subsystem:

High performance communication subsystem efficiently handles both IPv4 and IPv6-based applications

Stratus technologies Operationally Simple
Enhanced transaction processing facility:

Support for high-volume atomic file updates with minimal times between log flushes and lower flush intervals increases responsiveness

Stratus technologies Operationally Simple
Robust layered products:

Available with products like WebSphere MQ, MySQL, Apache with PHP, GNU tools, NDMP, and SNMP support via Brass and Emanate