ftServer Generation 11

Now with improved performance, flexibility, and investment protection

New ftServer 2910, 4910, and 6910 Models
for VMware, Windows, and Linux*

Designed specifically for your virtualized business-critical workloads, our latest ftServer systems deliver faster application performance, more flexibility, and greater investment protection.

Key features and enhancements

Get up to 50% faster application performance

Internal benchmarking using our latest Automated Uptime Layer (AUL) indicates customers can expect a 15 to 50% increase in application performance when upgrading from prior generation ftServer models, with greater increases expected for JAVA applications**.

Customize your ftServer platform

Now available with ftServer are more reliable and highly performant NVMe storage options, as well as larger capacity SAS storage, so customers can better size their ftServer systems for their specific workload requirements.

Future-proof your investment

With support for newer Intel Cascade Lake technology, and newer Microsoft Windows Server, VMware vSphere, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating environments, customer can both extended and maximize their infrastructure lifecycles.

ftServer is the ideal platform for consolidating your physical server infrastructure and ensuring the availability of your virtualized Windows and Linux applications. Especially in industries like oil and gas, transportation, building automation, and retail, where easy-to-deploy and manage fault tolerant platforms, spanning the data center to the edge, have been a game-changer. Upgrade to ftServer Generation 11 for VMware, Windows, and Linux, to accelerate your time to value, maximize revenues, and increase operational efficiency.

**Application performance depends on many factors. Your actual performance may vary.