On March 17, 2021, Stratus Technologies, Inc. was the victim of a ransomware event that targeted our internal IT systems. Upon detecting suspicious activity, we took several systems offline to isolate the issue, began alerting customers, and initiated our business continuity plan. Additionally, we enlisted cybersecurity subject matter specialists to assess the nature and scope of the event.

Even as the investigation is on-going, we are now bringing systems back online, following a comprehensive assessment of our systems by these cybersecurity specialists. We are taking prescribed steps, including the introduction of new security measures, as we bring systems online safely and securely.

To keep you informed, the following is a brief update on our progress.

  • We recognize the trust that our customers have in our computing platforms, and have worked with the subject matter specialists to maintain the integrity of our product manufacturing and delivery. As we continue to deliver our platforms, customers can feel confident that our products are shipping at the highest level of performance, quality, and security they expect and rely upon.
  • The Stratus ActiveService™ Network (ASN) is now online, receiving inbound-only alarms which are being addressed by service engineers. We are not pushing information to external systems or enabling remote access connectivity at this time.
  • On 6 April, we restored access to the Stratus Service Portal, which customers can use as before to log and manage Support cases, access self-help tools, and download product documentation and software.

We apologize for the system disruption over the past few days. We thank you for your understanding and patience as we bring our systems back to normal functionality and continue our investigation.

Dave Laurello
President and Chief Executive Officer
Stratus Technologies, Inc.