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Learn why Namibia Breweries relies on Stratus ftServer to bring their production line continuous availability

I have 10 stratus clusters running with VM’s used for process-control. The installation and maintenance is easy. Also, to repair a cluster when 1 server is down is easy to perform. So for 24/7 performance it is a very good solution.

Olaf MeisIA Manager, Bavaria

We experienced very good support from Stratus. The automated server messages were a big plus.

Ori FoimaeAutomation Engineer at South Pacific Brewery

Stratus is very professional and competent company. Stratus employees that I’ve engaged with are very knowledgeable about the products and technologies as well as offering advice on any issues that I may have regarding them.

IT Systems AnalystSmall business food company

Mainly because of Stratus’ proven outstanding support. The last time I needed it, Stratus’ employees did not give up until we found the reason of the malfunction.
In the end, it was not an error of Stratus but I was impressed with the level of knowledge and thinking. I have never seen this before with other companies.

IT SpecialistLarge enterprise food company

Stratus Technologies is a terrific product and provides great service.

Facilities ManagerLarge enterprise food company

Stratus has been the most stable platform we have used. In our business uptime and stability is very important.

EngineerLarge enterprise food company