Stratus Japan Offers Next Generation Stratus ztC Endurance Fault Tolerant Computing Platform

Multiple authorized partners set to deliver new scalable, intelligent Stratus zero touch compute architecture

Toyko, Japan – April 24, 2024Stratus Technologies Japan (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshitake Matsumoto), a Japanese subsidiary of Stratus Technologies (Headquarters: Maynard, Massachusetts, USA; hereinafter referred to as “Stratus”), an SGH company (Nasdaq: SGH) and a global leader in simple, protected, and autonomous Edge Computing platforms, today announced it will start selling the next-generation fault tolerant platform Stratus ztC Endurance™ (hereinafter “ztC Endurance”) starting today. Product shipments will begin in May 2024. The ztC Endurance platform was announced as a new product in November 2023.
The product models are ztC Endurance Model 7100 for large remote plants or corporate data centers, ztC Endurance Model 5100 for regional offices, remote plants, or regional data centers, and ztC Endurance Model 3100 for remote offices, branch offices, or shop floor locations.

Customers’ Needs Being Met with Strong Partner Companies

Since the new product was announced last November, a variety of customers in various industries have expressed interest. By collaborating with our many partner companies, such as i3Digital, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions (CTC), F-time, Toshiba IT Services, Panasonic Solution Technology, Hitachi Systems, and Mitsubishi Electric Information Systems, Stratus aims to further address customers’ needs for fault tolerance computing in manufacturing, distribution, transportation and infrastructure.

  • Masaharu Takehara, President and Representative Director of i3Digital Co., Ltd., said, “i3Digital has used Stratus products as a platform to jointly provide digital solutions that create an unstoppable factory. The newly released ztC Endurance platform is a highly reliable high available server ideal for smart factories aiming for zero downtime. We can continue to contribute to manufacturing DX (digital transformation) as Stratus advances fault tolerance.”
  • Seiji Kanno, General Manager of Enterprise Business Planning Division at ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC), said, “CTC welcomes the launch of the Stratus ztC Endurance platform. Since CTC began handling Stratus products in 1993, the two companies have collaborated on a wide range of services, including the design, installation, and maintenance and operation of IT systems that support mission-critical operations in a variety of industries. In recent years, in order to meet increasingly sophisticated IT needs, we’ve expanded to services that support cloud utilization, security measures, data analysis, and the use of AI technology. CTC will create new value and solve customers’ problems with ztC Endurance, a fault tolerant platform.”
  • Kazunari Tsuji, President and Representative Director of F-Time Co., Ltd., said, “F-Time welcomes the start of sales of the Stratus ztC Endurance platform. Availability and security will continue to grow in importance today and into the future. We have been selling Stratus high-availability hardware and solutions for many years, and we have great expectations that the availability of the ztC Endurance platform will further increase. We believe this will help us meet the needs of our customers.”
  • Tomohiro Kumagai, Director of Toshiba IT Services Corporation, added, “Over many years, our company has adopted many Stratus products in the distribution and social infrastructure fields as platforms that support the stable operation of important core infrastructure. We also provide 24-hour nationwide maintenance services from proposal to construction. As we continue to provide this service, I feel that our partnership with Stratus is also progressing. We hope that combined with the high availability of the recently released ztC Endurance’ platform, our customers will be able to further improve their operational efficiency. Through our partnership with Stratus, we will continue to promote value-added proposals to our customers as important solutions that support social infrastructure.”
  • Akira Akae, Managing Director of Panasonic Solution Technology Co., Ltd., commented, “Panasonic Solution Technology Co., Ltd. welcomes the launch of Stratus’ ztC Endurance platform. For over 20 years since our collaboration began in 2001, we have consistently worked to provide value through fault-tolerant products. The high availability and reliability achieved by the ztC Endurance platform is suitable for customers in the manufacturing industry where production line stoppages and data loss can have a significant impact. Our company’s strengths include sophistication, visualization, and digitization at manufacturing sites. We are confident that this is a platform that is highly compatible with our solutions. Business continuity is extremely important in all industries, and with the excellent availability, maintainability, and manageability of the ztC Endurance platform, we will continue to provide value for the success of our customers’ businesses.”
  • Takashi Maeda, Director and Managing Executive Officer of Hitachi Systems, Ltd., said the following, “Hitachi Systems, Ltd. welcomes the launch of Stratus’ ztC Endurance platform. For 20 years, we have collaborated with Stratus to provide ftServer to customers operating mission-critical applications. We are developing our managed services business as “Hitachi Systems Managed Services” with the aim of supporting our customers’ realization of DX. We are confident that by combining the non-stop operation, excellent maintainability, and high performance of the ztC Endurance platform, we can thoroughly support our customers’ digital transformation. We will continue to strengthen our partnership with Stratus and solve customers’ problems.”
  • Kaoru Kamoi, Managing Director of Mitsubishi Electric Information Systems Corporation, said, “Mitsubishi Electric Information Systems Co., Ltd. welcomes the launch of Stratus’ ztC Endurance platform. Since 2001, we have been collaborating with Stratus as a platform vendor that realizes the stable operation of customers’ production management and manufacturing execution systems in the manufacturing industry. Our company is working to strengthen solutions in the factory area that combine MES/data collection and analysis for manufacturing DX. We hope that by combining this with the high availability of the ztC Endurance platform, we will be able to solve our customers’ problems and improve their business efficiency.”

Meeting the Needs of Companies in Various Industries

Stratus ztC Endurance platform will serve the needs of the following markets and businesses:

  • Areas where non-stop system operation is required
    In industries where there is a demand for uninterrupted operation of systems, such as Finance and Manufacturing, social infrastructure such as Electricity and Transportation, Retail and Medical, all fields that require simple operation and high performance.
  • New fields of industrial automation
    Fields that are expected to grow significantly in the coming years include: automation and labor-saving processes that require higher performance and availability, larger-scale data processing, supply chain strengthening through collaboration between companies, decarbonization, and risk management.

Benefits of the Stratus ztC Endurance Platform

The ztC Endurance platform furthers Stratus’ proven approach for minimizing system downtime and data loss (including in-flight data) through built-in fault tolerance that is transparent to standard operating systems and hosted applications. It does not require additional scripting or modification, and provides proactive health monitoring. This powerful combination enables OT and IT teams to run mission-critical applications and complex software stacks without needing to be server experts.
The new Stratus ztC Endurance platform family delivers innovation in five key areas of performance, including:

  • Predictive – The ztC Endurance platform introduces intelligent, predictive fault tolerance through the Stratus Automated Uptime Layer with Smart Exchange™ process which tracks and targets a wider range of failure points than other standalone hyperconverged solutions and automatically takes corrective actions to address and resolve issues before they impact operations.
  • Protected – The platform ensures data integrity and protects against loss of in-flight application data with 99.99999% application system availability and embedded hardware and software security features, along with the ability to run third-party cybersecurity applications to protect IT and OT assets.
  • Manageable – As an open system, the platform simplifies manageability with remote monitoring capabilities and management APIs that are interoperable with existing IT tools and systems familiar to IT teams. Additionally, the ztC Endurance platform and its fault tolerant architecture support standard, off-the-shelf operating systems without requiring modifications.
  • Serviceable – ztC Endurance architecture is redundant, modular, and features four pairs of customer replaceable units (CRUs) – compute, I/O, power supply unit, and storage – that are hot-swappable by OT or IT without specialized expertise or tools to continuously deliver uptime and efficient operation.
  • Performance – This release incorporates the latest technology, notably 4th generation Intel Xeon Scalable “Sapphire Rapids” processors, high speed NVMe, and resilient, high-performance DDR5 memory. This results in new levels of performance matched with fault tolerance required to consolidate mission-critical applications as well as run complex software stacks and advanced applications.

About Stratus

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