Stratus Cloud Solution Beta: SDA for OpenStack Private Clouds

In this new report Moor Insights & Strategy recommends the Stratus Cloud Beta Program for organizations who are experimenting with OpenStack based private clouds and need high availability for their applications.

Harvard Research Group Assessment: Stratus everRun Enterprise

This new Harvard Research Group report discusses how Stratus is meeting the increasing demands for always-on applications and delivering mainframe-like availability with its next generation software solution,
everRun® Enterprise.

Cloud Computing

Can Stratus Redefine Cloud Datacenters?

Patrick Moorhead, President of Moor Insights & Strategy, has published a feature article on Stratus in Forbes. The article highlights how Stratus is leading the charge in the emerging category – Software Defined Availability – moving the capabilities of downtime prevention & recovery from hardware to software.


Protect Virtualized Applications from Downtime

What is the average cost of downtime for a typical organization? Download the latest research from Aberdeen Group to understand the options for keeping your “can’t fail” applications up and running.