VIDEO: Siris Capital Group and Stratus

View this video to hear Dan Moloney, Executive Partner at Siris Capital Group, discuss what led Siris to acquire Stratus.

Stratus In The News

Can Stratus Redefine Cloud Datacenters?

Patrick Moorhead, President of Moor Insights & Strategy, has published a feature article on Stratus in Forbes. The article highlights how Stratus is leading the charge in the emerging category – Software Defined Availability – moving the capabilities of downtime prevention & recovery from hardware to software.


Harvard Research Group Assessment: Stratus everRun Enterprise

This new Harvard Research Group report discusses how Stratus is meeting the increasing demands for always-on applications and delivering mainframe-like availability with its next generation software solution,
everRun® Enterprise.

OpenStack Cloud

Stratus Cloud Solution Beta: SDA for OpenStack Private Clouds

In this new report Moor Insights & Strategy recommends the Stratus Cloud Beta Program for organizations who are experimenting with OpenStack based private clouds and need high availability for their applications.