If your manufacturing operations rely on managing critical data to control throughput, quality, supply and more, a moment of downtime or loss of data can lead to costly losses, or worse, a damaged reputation.

Building Security

As more and more people take to the sky there are countless processes where even one second of downtime can put passengers at risk.

Financial Services

In today’s fast paced world of micro-second trades, global online banking transactions, credit card authorizations and fraud detection, there is simply no time for systems to be down.


Maintaining carrier-class availability in this transformative era of Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) is non-negotiable for Communications Service Providers.

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everRun Enterprise and Express

A family of software solutions that provides fault tolerance, high availability, disaster recovery and monitoring for your most critical environments.

ftServer Systems

The most robust, efficient solution for advance deployed and virtualized environments where uptime SLAs are crucial, for Windows®, Linux® and VMware®.


Emergency Response operation that ensures the safety of over 24,000 square kilometers and more than 10 million citizens.

Columbia Pipeline Group

Columbia Pipeline Group leveraged an Always-on solution from Stratus Technologies to keep their HMI applications up and running.

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