Cost of Downtime Calculator

Want to quickly estimate your total cost of downtime?

Knowing what’s at stake is the first step in deciding how much downtime you can afford.
To assist, we have created an easy to use calculator.

We realize that not everyone is ready or fully prepared to enter every potential cost, so we have a how to video on the right, allowed for the use of industry averages in the calculator, and created a worksheet you can use to gather the information required to calculate a more exact cost of downtime.

Read this paper on understanding your cost of Downtime

Get the worksheet to calculate a better estimate

View this 90-second video to understand how easy the calculator is:

Not ready for the calculator? View one of these helpful infographics.

The calculator is part of a best practices kit which helps you:

  • Improve performance with modernized Operational Technology
  • See how your peers achieve SCADA availability
  • Understand how virtualization can increase efficiencies and drive plant innovation
  • Recognize what drives unplanned plant downtime and how to avoid it
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