Last week I chatted with an IT director of a local wallpaper company. He went on a camping vacation this summer with very limited cell service.
Unfortunately, his job role did not go on vacation. The SAP system crashed, and the only person who could fix it was gone fishing. For eight hours, the company stood still until someone could be found to repair the server. Our camper was the single point of failure and disaster struck at precisely the wrong time.
Fresh off vacation, our camper is now trying to find reliable hardware and access to round-the-clock support. He is not virtualized yet, but is looking at options for consolidating his two web servers with his development and production SAP systems.
We chatted about the value of the ftserver, which could host the SAP systems in their main office, but also host the email, file and print servers for all the remote offices. The ftserver is also virtualization-ready. The best part? The Robo Promo is a sweet summer deal that will get him everything he wants- plus confidence in his systems so he can go camping again soon without the fear of downtime.