Dave LeClair recently co-presented on virtualization and uptime  at Angelbeat‘s New York conference.   His presentation, below, covers how organizations must optimize their existing and internal server/storage/data center infrastructure for maximum efficiency, combining the best of virtual and private cloud functionality, before considering external/outsourced public cloud services.

Included in his Virtualization and Uptime Presentation are:

-Average costs of downtime, including information on loss of reputation, money and data

-Companies who recently suffered downtime – and for how long

-Exactly how much time the “nines” mean

-Causes of downtime

-Rising importance of application uptime

-Data on high availability with virtualized applications and datacenters

-Recommendations for virtualization success

Flip though his slidedeck to learn the consequences of downtime and how it impacts your business. Get information on how the trend to virtualize tier one applications creates single points of failure for applications and how high availability or fault tolerant solutions can minimize the risk.