When it comes to application virtualization, most of the easy stuff has been done. Now IT wants to get more out of its investment. Business and mission-critical applications are obvious targets. It’s not a question of can it be done, but whether can it be done safely.  The pain of downtime and data loss raises a caution flag.

That’s where Stratus and Virtualization for Dummies come in.  Despite the humorous title of the “Dummies” series, we’re very serious when it comes to helping industry professionals get up to speed on this very beneficial technology.

Virtualization technology is being widely applied today with excellent operational and financial results. In fact, it has become a matter of course for most businesses to work with some aspect of virtualization. Virtualization for Dummies provides you with a brief introduction to the subject, discusses cloud technology, and helps you understand the various options regarding availability. Knowing all this can help you create an action plan as you move forward with the next phase of your virtualization infrastructure.

Readers will learn:

  • The basics of virtualization
  • How organizations of all sizes can take advantage of virtualization
  • How virtualization and cloud computing relate
  • Why virtualization is as much for desktops as it is for servers
  • How to ensure virtualized applications are always up and running
  • The top ten things to consider when virtualizing business critical applications

Take your next steps in application virtualization by downloading Virtualization for Dummies.