The readers of Automation World have selected their preferred suppliers across an array of automation technologies in the 8th annual Automation World’s Leadership in Automation awards program.

A significant aspect of the annual awards program is that Leadership in Automation First Team Honorees receive their recognition from an open-ended survey. This means that respondents must pull from their ever-evolving knowledge base to write in their preferences. Though major automation suppliers still play a leading role in most of the categories, smaller and newer vendors have also gained trust among Automation World readers to make the list.

Automation World has also made some changes this year to its list of automation categories, asking readers to chime in on some of the newer technologies that have gained traction in recent years—related primarily to the digitalization of industry. The newest category to be added, edge computing, features Stratus among the honorees. Congratulations to all the organizations nominated and selected in this year’s Automation World’s Leadership in Automation program.

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