Manufacturing application downtime is getting costlier and costlier. Efficiency improvements in the increasingly competitive landscape center on resource consolidation, information technology and automation. Manufacturers are deploying more business-critical applications on the production floor to increase and optimize product quality and output, without sacrificing abilities to respond to changing raw material quality, market conditions, and customer demands.

These changes are good because they allow manufacturers access to better information on improvements, infrastructure costs, and resource availability. They also allow some manufacturers to run continuously.

However, the consolidation of computer resources and server virtualization pushes more and more applications onto fewer pieces of infrastructure, creating a single point of failure  for the plant. Even a minor loss of uptime can be catastrophic for productivity, and in some cases, entire batches of products are ruined.

Manufacturers are facing enough pressures including tense global competition, government regulations, and a lack of skilled workers.  The last thing they need is a breakdown of processes due to a faulted server.

ARC Advisory Group recently conducted a survey on manufacturing application downtime. Their webcast, Application downtime, your productivity killer,” discusses the critical nature of downtime and how best in class manufacturing organizations are addressing this issue.


Watch the webcast, Application downtime, your productivity killer,”, to hear John Blanchard, a principal analyst at ARC Advisory Group, explain manufacturing trends are making uptime assurance more important than ever, and how to protect your own plant from downtime consequences.