There are several themes that we at Stratus hear repeatedly from our Industrial Automation customers and prospects. The current hot topic is IIoT, and although many companies have no immediate plans to implement it, everyone wants to know more about what it is and how they can prepare for its arrival. A perennial question we get is, “what can I do to prevent unplanned downtime?”, or the closely related “what can I do to prevent data loss when my server fails?”.  This is often followed by questions such as “I’m hearing that virtualization can simplify my HMI/SCADA/MES…. systems but won’t that take down everything if the server fails?” and “doesn’t virtualization mean I need a new complex system to prevent unplanned downtime and data loss?”

With new initiatives like IIoT and with the increasing threats to cyber-security, there is also no doubt that operational technologists and information technologists need to collaborate more deeply than ever before. It’s quite often a challenge, as perspectives and priorities can be quite different, but getting a productive conversation started can be a challenge.

Solving these types of problems and understanding how to approach these issues is, after all, why companies turn to Status, it’s what we do.

Not everyone is ready to engage in a direct discussion with Stratus, so we have asked Craig Resnick of the ARC Group to create a webinar, to help companies work through what is involved in applying technologies such as virtualization to eliminate unplanned downtime and prepare for new applications that will come with IIoT. If you are interested, register here