It is a very exciting time to be in IT. There is a tremendous amount of ingenuity and innovation in the industry, particularly around social media.

Salesforce, for example, is partnering with a number of companies to develop very cool tasks and solutions in the social networking space.

Enterasys, has recently developed a Salesforce Chatter based system-to-hardware communication platform. Using their software, IT professionals can remotely manage systems via Twitter.

The KLM Youtube video “Your Delft blue portraits on a real KLM plane!” is also driven by Salesforce. It allows viewers to share their content, while accessing Marketing Captured Inquiries (if using the Sirius Decisions term) in their system.  KLM is also following twitter to surprise travelers who twit about traveling with KLM.  See the story here.

Financial giant Bank of America built an entire social media operations center, using Salesforce as the underlying infrastructure, to proactively monitor and respond to tweets, Facebook posts, and other social posts.

Salesforce is ahead of the curve in assisting B to C companies not only to actively engage in social media, but also transforming the tools into things less social-like an IT guy rebooting a failed system at the office from the couch in your living room.

What’s next for social media might not, in fact, be social at all.