Microsoft Windows SBS simplifies small business IT, protects business data, reduces IT costs, and increases productivity and growth. This small business solution promotes collaboration within your company, is simple to manage, and is affordable. SBS also provides file and print sharing, automated backup capabilities, identity protection and active directory integration, and even a simplified management console.

SBS consolidates all of your critical systems, making a single point of failure for SQL, Exchange, and SharePoint – the center of the small business. Prior to SBS, outages in previously disparate systems only effect a portion of the business, now when SBS fails, downtime affects your entire business.

SBS does not support clustering, and while backup and replication can be used to protect the SBS system, recovery is time consuming for you, the IT support team, and the business – which may be down during the hours-long process.

Depending on your total cost of downtime, it might make sense to research high availability solutions to protect your SBS environment. With a high availability solution, you can prevent downtime on Exchange, eliminate costly SQL server outages and keep SharePoint up and running. Some solutions may even allow you to predict failures and migrate applications without data loss. One industry-proven HA product for SBS is Stratus Avance, an affordable HA software solution for small and medium sized businesses.

Be sure to check out our software solutions for protecting your Windows Small Business Server with high availability, and share how you protect your small business systems below.

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