I had the chance to speak at the Microsoft Connected Health Conference in Chicago this week, where Stratus was among a number of Microsoft partners sponsoring this event. This was a well received conference with good insights on technology and services. Talking with practitioners and other partners also laid bare some limitations with Microsoft products – and why Microsoft embraces their healthcare partners so readily. A few important gaps in healthcare IT are solved with Stratus capabilities in line with key Microsoft products:

Microsoft SQL Server: It is the foundation of just about every EHR system. And few if any practice under 25 doctors or 100 users need Enterprise edition. However the Standard edition does not support high availability. So many practices that ask for high availability see their costs skyrocket because of this, along with the other costs involved with Windows Clustering. And yet many of these practices don’t have the IT expertise to install and manage Windows Clustering in the first place. The result? Most small to mid size EHR installations have NO high availability and are extremely vulnerable to these systems going down.

Answer? Stratus Avance and Microsoft SQL – provides high availability for any version of SQL Server, ease of implementation and operation so little IT knowledge is needed, and far lower costs to make this approach much more affordable to small and mid size practices.

Microsoft BizTalk: Is widely deployed for information exchange requirements so think HL7, EDI, CPOE, etc – critical healthcare applications which need to be available. Downtime for these systems can have serious consequences. BizTalk is widely deployed for these kind of critical data interchange needs yet isn’t really supported by Windows Clustering – talking with several consulting partners who specialize in this area it’s a critical application need that doesn’t have a viable Microsoft high availability solution.

Answer? Stratus Avance or ftServer and Microsoft BizTalk – viewed as a single system, either of these Stratus solutions provide higher availability than Microsoft Clustering could hope to achieve, and give a powerful, yet cost effective solution for BizTalk high availability.

Microsoft has it right with it’s partner ecosystem.

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