The Stratus acquisition of Marathon Technologies is a milestone event for our customers, our partners, our company, and our industry.

IT uptime requirements are growing at ever-accelerating rates. Sixty-five percent of the 2,450 IT users responding to a recent Symantec survey said that the number of business-critical applications is increasing along with data center complexity. No one knows this better than customers of Stratus and Marathon. The combined Stratus and Marathon product portfolio comprise the most complete set of availability solutions ever offered by our industry. There is virtually no requirement for uptime we cannot meet.

This acquisition  expands our partner ecosystem and extends our industry presence to additional key verticals. For our company, this is a milestone event. Stratus has long been known for the unsurpassed uptime provided by its computing platforms. Stratus has  accelerated our strategic objective to provide comprehensive business continuity  via simple to use, cost-effective solutions for application availability and disaster recovery services.

With an emphasis on software-based initiatives, Stratus continues to push the boundaries of IT systems availability. We will deliver an expanded portfolio of enterprise solutions, while dramatically improving the affordability and accessibility of fault-tolerant computing. With our full complement of availability solutions, the company will further increase its addressable market, and extend even more deeply into virtualization and private cloud-computing implementations.

Stay tuned. There is much more to come.