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Asset Performance is Key for the Future of Food Industry

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Downtime disrupts the supply chain on the front and back end of the food and beverage industry. Behind the curtain; profits and compliance are at risk when the production floor grinds to a halt. Safety also becomes a concern since injuries often occur when equipment is down, plant managers have limited visibility or systems are in maintenance mode.

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disaster recovery solution

How Do I Build A System That Can Handle Tomorrow’s Workload?

By | Blog / Post, Cost of Downtime, Industrial Automation

The rising tide of data that organizations now receive, manage and analyse shows no signs of receding. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) in particular has increased data management exponentially. More than ever before, the need for reliable hardware and accessibility solutions is a pivotal part of most organizations’ long-term plans.

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Industrial Automation

Emerging Manufacturing Technologies Demand Modernization

By | Blog / Post, IIoT, Industrial Automation

Manufacturers leaning on outdated, stacked systems could very well find themselves left behind if they don’t modernize in order to keep pace with the explosive IoT. Gartner predicts that by 2020 the number of IoT devices will reach an astounding 50 billion. The need to maintain a system with zero downtime will continue to rise as the the existing network of physical devices grows.

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Human Error

How Do I Prevent Human Error During Complex Software Implementations?

By | Blog / Post, Cost of Downtime, Industrial Automation

In 1991, twelve million people in Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and San Francisco were unable to make or receive phone calls when service was sporadically disrupted between June 26 and July 2. This was a time when second generation cell phones were just hitting the market, so many of those without phone service had no backup option. Having no access to a telephone line impacted profits as workdays were disrupted, and public safety as there was no way to call emergency services.

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