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Tech Expo North America

What’s Really Going On with IIoT? What I Learned from the Internet of Manufacturing Conference

By | Blog / Post, IIoT, Industrial Automation

Large Fortune 500 companies with deep pockets are investing in IIoT technologies. These projects are yielding results, although implementations are not without their challenges. An increasing number of industrial companies are looking at ways to leverage analytics, outside of the traditional applications that helped them on the production side. Some have a clear idea of what they want to achieve, some are trying to understand what various technologies could do for them. What does seem clear is that some form of IT/OT convergence and collaboration is necessary to achieve success.

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Calculating the Cost of Downtime

How Can I Recover Faster?

By | Availability, Blog / Post, Cost of Downtime

How do you safeguard your organization and the customers that rely on its accessibility? When you are working with an availability solutions vendor, it’s important to establish which system will provide the fastest recovery time. Or best yet, which system will ensure that your customers don’t even realize the car has crashed when your server goes down.

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IoT Gateways and Managing Risk

By | Blog / Post, IIoT, Industrial Automation

In this previously published IoT Evolution article, Stratus’ VP of business line management, Jason Andersen, discusses how industrial IoT gateway systems can be adequate, but relying on them for business-critical use in production environments could introduce new levels of risk. It also includes his insight into how to manage this risk.

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Unexpected Downtime

How Much Downtime Can You Afford?

By | Blog / Post, Cost of Downtime, Industrial Automation

There was a point in our history when experiencing unexpected downtime was considered unavoidable. Back in 1996, the primary internet provider AOL, went offline for 19 hours. The outage inconvenienced more than 6 million subscribers and was a wake-up call for organizations that had come to depend on the connectivity to earn money. So how do you make sure downtime, the thing that is never supposed to happen, never does happen? Start by asking the right questions before making any initial purchases or upgrades to your system.

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Industrial Automation Industry

How OT Solutions Are Disrupting the Industrial Automation Industry

By | Blog / Post, Industrial Automation, Operational Simplicity

There’s no better time to work on building optimal foundations for future asset management strategies and IIoT than now. With easy-to-deploy OT solutions that also provide low-maintenance upkeep, IA environments can be well on their way to delivering the strongest results possible for their clients

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Power Outage

Top Challenges Facing Today’s OT Professionals

By | Blog / Post, Industrial Automation

As we see more and more convergence of OT and IT, we are also witnessing an increase in the challenges faced by today’s OT professionals. We’ve seen an influx of OT professionals continuously being asked to support complex environments and infrastructures with dwindling resources. Making them ideal candidates for a technological solution that brings simplicity and reliability to their day-to-day work.

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