Providing 99.999% of Availability for Unmatched Server Uptime

The benefits begin with Stratus’ unique fault-tolerant hardware design. Each ftServer® system integrates fully replicated hardware components that eliminate virtually any single point of failure and safeguard data integrity. The server automatically manages its replicated components, executing all processing in lockstep.


Because replicated components perform the same instructions at the same time, there is zero interruption in processing, zero loss of performance, and zero loss of data integrity even if a component fails. This means that, unlike a high-availability cluster, the Stratus continues to function while any issue is being resolved.

ftServer architecture uses industry-standard technology and commodity components, making the servers cost-effective to manufacture and easy to upgrade as enhanced and improved components are brought to market.

Lockstep Processing

Stratus® ftServer® systems use a standard dual-modular-redundancy (DMR) configuration that includes two CPU/memory units. If a CPU/memory unit fails or is offline for maintenance or diagnostic purposes, the system continues to operate normally with the remaining components, providing 99.999% uptime or better – on average less than five minutes of downtime annually.

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Automated Uptime Layer

Our Automated Uptime™ Layer works in concert with lockstep technology to anticipate and prevent many software errors. Unlike typical servers or clusters, ftServer hardware and software handles such errors transparently, shielding the operating system, middleware, and application software. Even in-memory data is constantly protected and maintained.

Management and diagnostic features also capture, analyze, and notify Stratus of software issues. This allows support personnel to take a proactive approach to correcting software problems before they recur. Our hardened device drivers also add considerable reliability to the Windows environment on ftServer systems.

ActiveService™ Architecture

Our unique combination of ActiveService capabilities enables built-in serviceability that other vendors simply can’t match. For starters, Stratus ftServer systems constantly monitor their own operation. When a fault is detected, the server correctly isolates the condition and automatically opens a call that tells the Stratus support center exactly what action to take.

Remote support capabilities — made possible by the system’s ftServer Access Adapter and our global ActiveService Network — enable our service engineers to troubleshoot and resolve problems online. If necessary, the system automatically orders its own hot-swappable replacement part and ensures the correct part is delivered within 24 hours to key locations worldwide. The system continues to run without interruption using its redundant components. Users can install replacement components easily while the ftServer system continues to run. What’s more, our secure Web-based ActiveService Manager allows Stratus and customer-authorized vendors to collaborate on fast problem resolution.