Stratus® ftServer®
Generation 12

Now with even more performance, flexibility, and longevity to drive your critical applications

New ftServer 2920, 4920, and 6920 Models for VMware, Windows, and Linux*

Our latest generation of ftServer models provide unmatched computing power, performance, reliability, and serviceability required to run your critical applications without downtime and to future-proof IT infrastructure.

Key features and enhancements

Gain more performance

Expect up to a 28% increase in application performance when upgrading to the newest ftServer generation models, with increases expected for data-intensive applications.**

Increase flexibility and connectivity

Gain flexibility with more high-end models and expanded storage and network connectivity options – including 32 Gb Fiber channel support and more 10 Gb Ethernet options – so users can configure the ftServer I/O for specific environments and workloads.

Ensure the longevity of your critical applications

Ensure extended solution lifespans to maximize infrastructure lifecycles with support for newer Intel Xeon processors as well as Microsoft Windows Server, VMware, vSphere and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating environments.

Stratus ftServer continues to deliver the unmatched combination of computing power, performance, and redundancy required to consolidate workloads and run critical applications from the edge to the data center. This latest generation offers the most powerful ftServer ever and provides more compute power and I/O capacity across the ftServer line to run your most demanding workloads today and into the future. Upgrade to ftServer Generation 12 for VMware, Windows, and Linux*, and accelerate your time to value, maximize productivity, and increase operational efficiency.

*Please visit our Stratus support page for a complete list of supported operating systems.

**Application performance depends on many factors. Your actual performance may vary.