System Uptime Assurance & Fault Tolerance for Financial Transaction Processing

Windows-based payments solutions from ACI and Stratus deliver mainframe-class system uptime assurance

The highest level of uptime assurance is a prerequisite for IT infrastructure that supports financial transaction processing. Historically, these applications were deployed on mainframes or proprietary UNIX® systems. In today’s financial institutions, an evolution is taking place. Intel®-architecture servers running Microsoft® Windows® are now being used to support more applications than any other platform. First used for business operations like email and collaboration or print, file and web services, these systems are now playing a critical role in the modernization of legacy banking solutions. Despite widespread use, significant cost savings and recognized administrative advantages, Windows-based servers continue to be misunderstood by many financial firms as lacking the mission-critical qualities required for transaction processing.

This paper confronts the issues surrounding this misconception. The facts demonstrate that Stratus® fault-tolerant servers running Microsoft Windows Server® 2008 and industry-leading ACI Corporation’s payments solutions deliver reliability, availability and functionality that usually match or exceed traditional mainframe and UNIX solutions – often at a much lower total cost of ownership.