Solution brief

everRun software product overview

Download prevention software for always-on Windows® and Linux® applications

Stratus everRun is downtime prevention software that ensures business continuity and data integrity by keeping Windows® and Linux® applications up and running with mainframe like availability.

Key Benefits

  • Prevents application downtime locally and cross-campus
  • Enables business continuity and compliance
  • Ensures no business interruptions or in-flight data loss
  • Provides integrated disaster recovery
  • Works with off-the-shelf industry standard servers
  • Installs easily and affordably without the need for specialized IT staff
  • Requires no modifications to applications
  • Operates in virtual and cloud environments
  • Protects VMs, applications and data
  • Adapts to changing business needs with a scalable system
  • Provides fault-tolerant or high availability protection for symmetric

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