Solution brief

Redundant Solution: Application Availability & Server Virtualization for Water & Wastewater Facilities

Always-on infrastructure for virtualizing industrial automation environments

Water and wastewater organizations are dealing with many challenges including aging infrastructures, increasing regulatory oversight and workforce challenges. Additionally, these challenges are draped with the backdrop of tight fiscal budgets and heightened concern over issues such as water pollution and clean water sourcing. The demand for continuous availability computing infrastructure has only increased as water and wastewater organizations consolidate and simplify their systems and applications by leveraging the latest server virtualization technologies. This redundant solution brief will describe how water and wastewater organizations can modernize their automation environments while addressing the above challenges.

Key Benefits

  • Availability without compromise

The Stratus ftServer® provides an integrated, redundant solution that leverages VMware® or Microsoft® Hyper-V® virtualization to deliver the highest levels of availability and performance on a standard Intel® based server.

  • Continuous availability without modifications

Stratus ftServer systems are redundant solutions that promote operational simplicity and do not require duplicate application and software installs. With continuous self-monitoring capabilities, Stratus ftServer detects and handles faults before they result in any system or application downtime.

  • Compliance without complexity

The Stratus ftServer prevents unplanned downtime and data loss. This ability to eliminate data loss while maintaining complete and accurate record keeping and reporting on a continuous basis reduces the impact of compliance processes and regulatory headaches.

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