IIoT Adoption

How IIoT Can Help Reduce Risk

How IIoT can help reduce risk, as previously published in Food Quality & Safety by Jason Andersen. Knowing where to focus your IIoT efforts first and how it will pay off in the long run, manufacturers can make smart decisions when implem...

Dairy IIoT

Dairy’s Industrial Internet of Things Love Story

Forget whatever image you may have; today’s large commercial dairies are extremely sophisticated enterprises that are always looking for new ways to leverage technology to enhance their production efficiency and their profitability.


E-Merge Video Case Study

E-Merge Systems is an integrator that provides solutions and services for automating industrial processes. The large scale SCADA and PLC systems that they design, implement, test and commission for many...


Namibia Breweries

Peace of Mind on Virtual Servers & Data Management: Namibia Breweries Limited Stratus partnering with Wonderware to remove the complexity from availability for Namibia Breweries Limited.


Tomoe Dairy Processing

Tomoe Dairy Processing relies on Stratus ftServer System to ensure a continuously available production line.


Stratus Availability Solutions in Manufacturing

With so much riding on applications such as manufacturing execution systems (MES), plant automation, and data historians, downtime can mean lost revenue, missed opportunities or damaged reputation. In some cases,...

Server Virtualization

Server virtualization in manufacturing

The benefits of server virtualization at the corporate data center are receiving a great deal of attention. However, its ability to address lifecycle management issues may make virtualization in manufacturing...


Rexam BCNA

When a consumer pops the top on a refreshing beverage, there’s a good chance the can was manufactured by Rexam—the world’s biggest maker of beverage cans and the fourth largest...


Retail Chain

One of the largest specialty food store chains in the U.S. operates 23 stores spread across seven states. The stores farthest from company headquarters are at least an eight hour...



For any firm involved in manufacturing and processing, ensuring continuous operation of production supply chain systems is absolutely critical to the business. Any downtime has immediate impact on productivity and...

IIoT Hot Buttons

IIoT Hot Buttons for 2017

In our 35-plus years of providing continuous availability solutions for enterprises, we’ve seen only a handful of technology shifts that you could call “seismic.” The globalization of eCommerce was a big one that was transformation...