Stratus® ztC™ Edge

Zero touch computing for your critical edge applications

Companies undergoing digital transformation are finding it difficult to upgrade computing infrastructure at the edge of their corporate networks.

Why? Harsh environmental conditions, and the lack of skilled resources, make deploying, managing, and maintaining computers at remote plants or branch offices especially challenging.

Key benefits

Greater efficiency: With built-in virtualization host, industrial interoperability, and field serviceability, ztC Edge simplifies and shortens the time it takes to deploy, manage and maintain your critical edge applications, saving you time and effort.

Simplified security: With restricted USB ports, secure communication protocols, secure and trusted boot1, role based access controls, and easy-to-configure host-based firewall, you don’t need to be a security expert to secure your ztC Edge platform.

Less downtime: ztC Edge’s self-monitoring and self-protecting features help reduce unplanned downtime. Because its operating environment can be updated while it’s still running (without requiring a system reboot), customers experience less planned downtime also.

More flexibility: ztC Edge’s rugged, compact, industrial form factor performs equally well in the control room, control panel, or shop floor, giving customers more choice. Its automated capabilities make it suitable for unmanned stations, or remote, decentralized locations with limited resources.

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