Case study

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Always-on availability for CAD enables police, fire and emergency response at the world’s busiest airport

More passengers travel through Atlanta’s Harts eld- Jackson International Airport than any other on the planet. Not only has Harts eld-Jackson been number one in passengers for many years, but has also become the busiest in landings and takeoffs.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Enables computer aided dispatch of police and re units stationed at airport
  • Serves the busiest airport in the world
  • Provides centralized point of contact for 4,700 acre airport campus
  • Integrates with the city’s CAD system
  • Assures always-on availability with Stratus® ftServer® system


  • Stratus ftServer system
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (RESPONSE CAD) software
  • Microsoft® Windows Server®
  • SQL Server® database software


  • Stratus Assured Availability Support