Case study

Real-Time Data Backup Solution & Disaster Recovery

Ensuring business continuity of mission-critical systems with Disaster Recovery Mirroring System from Stratus and ARI

Companies running critical Stratus® VOS applications have essential data and system information that must be preserved and readily accessible, even in the face of disaster. Corporate business continuity plans typically include procedures for maintaining a backup of business-critical information in a disaster recovery (DR) module. While traditional backup solutions, which capture snapshots of the production system and data, are satisfactory for many business situations, they are insufficient for real-time transaction-based business operations. Read on to see how VOS Disaster Recovery Mirroring System’s real-time data backup solution works.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Provides reliable real-time data backup over TCP/IP or X.25 networks
    24×7 availability without operator intervention
  • Flexible, scalable, easy-to-use software solution
  • Dynamically manages all aspects of error detection and handling
  • Includes robust, user-friendly administrator interface with monitoring capabilities
  • Helps ensure business continuity in the event of disaster


  • VOS Disaster Recovery Mirroring System from Application Resources, Inc. (ARI)
  • Stratus VOS operating system
  • Stratus Continuum® and V-Series systems


  • Ongoing technical support from Stratus

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