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AREU relies on Stratus to ensure Lombardy’s EMS PSAPs are ALWAYS ON

AREU (Azienda Regionale Emergenza Urgenza) dates back to April 2008 as the agency in charge of governance and operational management of extra hospital Emergency Medical Services (EMS) for the Lombardy region of Italy. This includes the management of EMS calls for service, as well as the coordination of tissue and organ transportation services.

Quick Facts

Solution Profile

  • Four EMS PSAPs serving an area of 9,300 square miles and approximately 13.5 million people; 2,190 unit dispatches per day, 580 units managed, 50 to 90 dispatchers per shift
  • Centralized shared Data Center designed according to the next generation data center paradigm with fault tolerance and disaster recovery assurance
  • Best in class CAD system encompassing call taking, dispatching, web access (400 managed remote stations), GIS, radio integration and mobile data computer access for first responders
  • Fault-tolerant server platform providing continuous availability to the CAD system


  • Beta 80 emma/iO CAD suite
  • Stratus ftServer® 6400 systems
  • VMware® vSphereTM virtualization software


  • Beta 80 24/7/365 support services
  • Stratus 24/7/365 Total Assurance support services

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